14 Best Places To Find Belgian Malinois Puppies

Belgian Malinois can be very intense dogs, most have been bred for work with the police or even the military. They are intelligent and very capable which can make them very popular dogs. But you need to make sure before you try to get one as a puppy that you have the environment and capabilities to handle a dog of this energy and intensity level. You also need to make sure that you get one from a breeder who specifically breeds their dogs for families as opposed to the military or police.

In this article, we will provide a list from best to worst of the best places to find Belgian Malinois puppies. Additionally, we will let you know good questions to ask and what you absolutely want to avoid! Adopting a dog from a breeder is its own journey and unfortunately, it’s impossible to provide everything in this guide. But these tips should help you get started to make the best decision for you and your future puppy.

How To Identify a Good Belgian Malinois Breeder

The absolute best way to find a great Belgian Malinois breeder is by visiting them in person. This will allow you to see for yourself the quality of their operation and how they treat their dogs. Both the parents and their children the puppies. But with a less common breed like the Belgian Malinois depending upon where you live this may not always be possible. In that case, you should be prepared to ask the breeder a series of questions either over the phone or email.

Here is a great list of questions that I’ve compiled that you might want to seriously consider asking them.

  • Ask them how long they have been breeding Belgian Malinois. This will tell you their relative experience level as well as it an entryway into a good conversation about how they got into dog breeding and what they think is important.
  • Does the mother and father of the puppies have a history of any medical issues? By knowing this you can possibly gauge somewhat the risk that these health issues might be passed on to the puppies.
  • Do the Belgian Malinois puppies come with any kind of certificate of good health? This will show that they have been to a qualified vet and received all their vaccinations and checks ups.
  • Does the breeder have any positive references you can contact who have gotten puppies from them in the past?
  • If you cant see where the puppies are kept then consider asking the breeder to describe their living area to you.

In addition, to knowing what are some good questions to ask a prospective breeder its also important to be aware of some of the kinds of bad dog breeders there are out there.

  • Puppy Mills: If you’ve ever looked into buying puppies before then you have probably heard about puppy mills. These are for-profit institutions that breed dogs en mass. They often have little regard for the health of their dogs both when their with them and after they have been purchased. Conditions are often very bad for the dogs with some poor animals living in absolute pig styes.
  • Backyard Breeders: This kind of breeder is not always bad in fact sometimes they can be good. It really depends upon why they’re involved in dog breeding in the first place. These are breeders that sometimes have puppies by accident through happenstance of fate. While this of course does not mean these breeders are bad people but it can suggest that they don’t have very much experience and may not truly be up to the task of breeding and raising a high intensity dog liek a belgian malinois. In those cases where the breeder is simply doing it out of sheer love of the breed then and not accidentally then they might be considered good breeders and not really backyard ones, even if the breeding does take place in the backyard.

American Kennel Club (AKC) Marketplace

The AKC marketplace can easily be considered the gold standard of breeder registries. There are few dog organizations that have such a prestigious history along with such an extensive series of quality checks to ensure the quality of the breeders that they allow to register on it. This should definitely be considered to be at the top of the list of best places to find Belgian Malinois puppies.

This organization performs extensive inspections of all kennels listed on the website. While this should not be taking as perfect insurance of quality it does however take away a lot of the guesswork involved. Ensuring that some of your due diligence has essentially already been done for you by the organization.

The available search options of their listings are no less than the quality of breeders listed. You can find dogs that have come from championship bloodlines along with pictures of each individual dog so that you can see them for yourself. Their pedigree is also ensured often coming with a family tree of sorts so that you might not just know your puppy’s parents but also perhaps their grandparents.

You can also see if the breeder has won any competitions or what other dog organizations and events that they have participated in. Based upon these things breeders can win badges and these will be displayed for your research purposes.


If you live in Europe then you might just find Europuppy to be your best place to find Belgian Malinois puppies. The organization resides in Hungary and doesn’t just serve the canine of European countries but also has many customers from America and the western hemisphere. Similar to the AKC they take the quality of the breeders registered on the site extremely seriously.

Performing extensive checks for the humane conditions for the dogs and the soundness of the breeder’s operation. When it comes to the health of the puppies they may deserve to be at the very top even ahead of the AKC. Where the AKC is sometimes criticized for putting to much focus on pedigree and purity as opposed to health. This criticism can’t really be said for Europuppy as well.

Every single puppy posted on the site is supposed to have been personally checked for good health by a veterinarian-approved by Europuppy. In addition they provide you with a ten-year health guarantee for all their dogs.

Their search options are nothing to sneeze at as well. All of the basic search functions are there for example by breed, age, and gender. But they also have a really good category where you can see the best picks for quality over their entire website. If your willing to provide them your email you can also sign un for their new puppy alert system which will notify you as soon as any new puppies hit the listing having the criteria that you provided them with.

Lancaster Puppies

Lancaster puppies while not being considered as good as the AKC or Europuppy can still be a very sound option and for an often cheaper price point. Getting a Belgian Malinois can be very expensive so trying to find a place that can give you the twin goals of quality and good price could lead you to Lancaster Puppies. This website is especially nice if you live in the Pennsylvania area or the nearby east coast region. Most of the breeders are located in that state so if your close by this can give you a good opportunity to get to visit in person.

One unfortunate aspect of Lancaster Puppies if one considers pedigree to be important is that most of the dogs are actually mixes. Of course, mix-breed dogs make great pets as well, and sometimes the breed mixture can make them unique and in the case of Belgian Malinois soften some of the sharp corners of their intense personality.

All the dogs listed on the website come with photos so that you can be assured of what they look like. In addition to that, they have most of the normal search function of breed, size and gender. But you can also search based upon price which could be useful for those who need to be more conscious of budget.

Greenfield Puppies

This site is very similar in many ways to Lancaster Puppies. With the one large exception that it is much more national in terms of its breeders and is not really centered in a specific geographic location of the country. While Greenfield Puppies does seem to take the quality of their dogs fairly seriously there is an, unfortunately, higher risk than the site listed before of coming across some low-quality breeders. So you have to always keep this in mind and make sure that you do your own research.

One very cool feature of the website is that they have a breed summary of each breed covered in their registry. This can be an immensely helpful feature as it can help people know the personality of the breed of the dog their considering and whether it will fit well with their lifestyle. With a high energy breed like the Belgian Malinois, this can be very useful as this breed of dogs will likely prove to be too much dog for more sedentary families.

Their available search options are quite useful covering things like weight, activity levels, breed and gender. In addition to that specific breeders can have badges next to their listings showing off any special rewards they’ve won or organizations that they participate in.

Puppy Spot

Unlike the other websites in this list Puppy Spot is not actually a registry of breeders. Instead, they list specific individual dogs. This website is probably in a similar risk level as Lancaster Puppies and greenfield puppies. Unlike the riskier sites that are listed below that have little oversight over their registries. Puppy spot seems to take ensuring quality seriously and does seem to try their best.

In fact to show that they have a “no puppy mill guarantee” So that you can be decently confident that none of the dogs listed come from the absolute worse kind of breeders that of puppy mills. There is still some risk though of getting a dog from a lower quality backyard breeder so its still important to do your research.

Every puppy comes with an AKC registration packet showing off their pedigree. In addition to this, they do require every puppy to have a health check with a vet by the breeder before they can be sent off to their new home.

The website claims that less than ten percent of all breeders who apply to the website actually get accepted. Which is a very good sign of quality if true.

Next Day Pets

With Next Day Pets we come to the much higher risk websites in this list. In fact, this website could be essentially considered just an online classified for listing puppies. Their a much higher risk of finding low-quality breeders os you really have to do your research and be very careful. But yet there are still a ton of listing so while there will be some bad apples there will also be some great finds in there as well.

The search options are pretty basic with all the expected categories shared with numerous other sites. They also have it where you can search based upon whether a puppy comes from a champion bloodline. If you sign up with your email you can also expect alerts about any new puppies becoming available. Which is always quite a nifty feature I find.

Puppy Find

Puppy Find is a very high-risk website. Their essentially an online classified so it’s very cheap and easy to post a listing on it. This ease of course invites postings from both good breeders and those that are not so good. While there are a lot of options on the website which is a good thing you do have to do a lot more research and cannot take the quality of the breeders at face value.

Despite a large number of listings it can be quite difficult to navigate the website from my perspective due to the thin amount of search options. They of course have the basics of state, gender, and the puppy’s birthday. In addition to that photos of the individual puppies for sale are included as well.

Once again Puppy Find doesn’t do any quality checks or required health visits for puppies listed on the site. So you will have to contact the individual breeders to find out if they cover these things on an individual basis.


  • Link: CraigslistOpens in a new tab.
  • Risk Level: Very High
  • Search Options: Distance and Text Search

With Craigslist we come to perhaps the riskiest site. Usually, I would not include Craigslist because of how easy it is to list, lowering the quality of breeders considerably. But there is a distinct advantage to Craigslist that makes it worthwhile to check out. Due to a large amount of listings it can be much easier than with the other sites to be able to find a breeder offering puppies within a reasonable drivable distance of your current location.

At the beginning of the article at the top, we emphasized that the absolute best way to ascertain the quality of a breeder’s operation is the ability to visit in person. Craigslist makes this much more doable thus why we have included them in this list of the best places to find Belgian Malinois puppies.

To look for puppies for sale on Craigslist you do have to jump through some hoops, while their pretty easy to get through if your aware of them without that it could be frustrating. Simply go to the Community section of the website and then from their type in a search for Belgian Malinois and that should take you straight to the relevant section.

Hoobly Classified

  • Link: Hoobly ClassifiedOpens in a new tab.
  • Risk Level: Very High
  • Search Options: Country, State, Text Search

Hoobly Classified is a massive online classified just like Craigslist. Offering almost everything under the sun for sale. It’s kind of like the classified section of your local newspaper just that its onlien and as a result many times more massive in the number of results it can deliver you.

Unlike Craigslist, Hoobly does indeed have a pets for sale section so this can make looking for puppies much more easy and intuitive. The risk of having to deal with disreputable breeders on this site is high but due to a large amount of listings you might be able to find one that is local that you can visit. Which is always a very good thing when searching for a good dog breeder.

Sources For Shelter and Rescue Belgian Malinois for Adoption

Adoption can be a wonderful thing, there are a lot of great dogs who for one unfortunate reason or another have been deprived of a loving home. When you decide to adopt a dog it gives these lovely canines the opportunity to find the loving family that they deeply desire. The moral of advantages to adoption are immense every dog deserves a loving home but this doesn’t happen in this time period in this world. By adoption, you help make the world a better place for all dogs.

Certain sacrifices in option though do have to be undertaken when adopting. For one unless you get very lucky your much less likely to be able to find a puppy or near puppy. Many of the dogs will be much older. This can sometimes be a great option since the dog will hopefully come with some basic training have already taken place such as potty training. Also you’re less likely to be able to find a dog that’s a specific breed. A lot of the dogs or going to be mixes but sometimes those can actually be the best dogs.


If your interest in potentially adopting a dog I would say that you cant go wrong with Adopt-A-Pet. It’s essentially a conglomerative registry listing dogs available for adoption from rescues and shelters throughout the country. If your okay with having an older dog or one without a pedigree than this can be one of the best places to find Belgian Malinois and other deserving dogs.

Their search options are pretty cool and quite extensive. Helping to make the adoption process as easy as possible. Almost everything you need to know is covered. From something super basic like whats the dog’s color, to whether they’ve been fixed and are up to date on their shots. The coolest part I think is how they will inform you of elements concerning basic canine training. Such as whether the dog is house trained, good with other dogs and pets. This can really make it easier to find the dog available for adoption that will be the best fit for your current living situation.

Pet Finder

This is another great resource for finding a dog that is available for adoption. Similar to Adopt-A-Pet this is a registry of dog rescues and shelters across the country. Your unlikely to be able to find a puppy or a dog with a pedigree. But loving dogs with great personalities are common on the website even if they don’t possess those flashier qualities.

The options that they have available for filter your searches are really good as well with this website. The search function includes the more basic criteria along with the contact info for the specific shelter that has the dog up for adoption. If your willing to share your email they have a function where you can receive an alert in your inbox when a dog that meets your criteria becomes newly available for adoption.

Other Sources for Belgian Malinois

  • Local Classifieds: These are your standard classifieds located in your local newspaper. Just like with Craigslist and Hoobly Classifieds their new special rules or regulations for listing so you do have to be very careful of disreputable breeders when using this method. But the big advantage to this method is that the listings will be local which can allow you to find a breeder that you can personally visit and asses with your own two eyes.
  • Pet Stores: The chances of being able to find a Belgian Malinois puppy in a pet store is unlikely due to the fact that the breed is still fairly uncommon. In the past, many pet stores have been guilty of being customers of puppy mills. A lot of progress has been made in this area however but still, you should make sure to ask the pet store workers where their dogs are sources from to make sure.
  • Word of Mouth: This can be one of the best ways to find great places to get Belgian Malinois puppies. Ask your friends, people at the dog park, any Belgian Malinois owners that you might know as well as local dog clubs. Finding out how their journey went and where they ended up getting their dog from and what the experience was like can be immensely helpful and informative.

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