14 Best Places to Find Samoyed Puppies

Finding the best place to get a Samoyed puppy can be quite a difficult but important undertaking. This article will try to make the process as painless and easy for you. We have listed from best to worst a long list of good places to look for the best Samoyed breeders. It won’t do all the work for you but it will give you some great places to start on your journey to having your new adorable Samoyed puppy.

There are many similarities between the breeders of Samoyeds. All Samoyed’s, after all, are cute and lovable. What more could you need? However, there are also some extremely important differences between breeders that you need to be aware of.

Some breeders don’t take proper care of their dogs. This applies to their breeding the dogs, the mother, and father of the puppy, as well as the little puppies themselves. They may not give them health checks or have them up to date on their vaccinations. As awful as it may be the dogs may also not be kept in sanitary conditions. They may be exposed to the elements or located somewhere disgusting without access to the care that they deserve. These kinds of breeders neglect their dogs because it helps them make money. You don’t want a breeder like that so were here to help you avoid giving them your money and support.

How to Identify a Good Samoyed Breeder

If you want to be able to find the best place to get Samoyed puppies then your going to need to visit them in person. Unfortunately, this will not always be possible but do visit them to see the conditions for yourself if you can. There are ways that you can overcome the limitation of not being able to visit, one way is by simply asking them some questions over the phone or email.

Here is a great list of questions that you might want to ask them.

  • How long have they been in the business of breeding Samoyeds
  • Do the mother and father have a history of any serious health issues? What about the grandparents?
  • Do the Samoyed puppies have a health certificate of some kind showing that the dog has had all their health checks?
  • Are there any positive references that you can talk to who have successfully received a Samoyed puppy from them?
  • If you can try to see where the puppies are held if you can’t do that then ask them to describe their conditions for you.

There are certain commonalities that bad breeders have that allow us to categorize them into two categories.

  • Puppy Mills: These are the bad guys of the dog breeding world. Puppy mills usually breed dogs in mass in order to make the largest profit possible. The conditions are usually horribly equaled by the health of the poor dogs. Avoid these kinds of breeders like the plague.
  • Backyard Breeders: These breeders are nowhere near as bad as the puppy mills. In fact, some backyard breeders can actually be good but unfortunately many have too little experience or knowledge about breeding Samoyeds. A backyard breeder is basically just a normal family whose dogs happened to mate and now they have a litter of puppies. Often the result of a happy accident you could say, but this is not the best way to breed dogs and it can cause a lot of problems for your puppy later down the road.

American Kennel Club (AKC) Marketplace

The American Kennel Club Marketplace or AKC for short is probably one of the best places you’re going to find a great Samoyed puppy. It consists of a list of breeders and the puppies that they have bred. Being one of the oldest and definitely most popular dog registries in the United States, they have grown a lot of experience and knowledge of the successful breeding of great dog puppies. Their reputation is nearly unequaled in the canine world.

This is the reason that we have put them at the top of our list of best places to find Samoyed puppies. They have made it difficult for an individual breeder to add themselves to the registry. There are a lot of hoops that any prospective AKC breeder has to jump through before they can be considered. Doing this helps to ensure the quality but it can also make the dogs in the marketplace on the much more expensive side.

For any breeder to be considered for the registry they have to be willing to undergo regular inspections by the AKC. They do this to help make sure that the breeding operation is being well run and that these lovable white fluffy dogs are well cared for.

Every dog on the site comes with pedigree papers proving their purity and the history of their bloodline. Finding puppies on the site is easy with their great list of search options available. You can do searches based upon what puppy are currently available and who are the new ones on the way. If getting a dog from a championship line is important to you then you can also do searches based upon that.

You will see various badges next to the breeder listings which will show you what organizations tha thtey have particapeted in and if their are any competitions that they have won.


Any Europeans reading this article should definitely consider beginning their search with Europuppy. This is definitely one of the best sources for Samoyed puppies in Europe. Just like the AKC they go out of their way to help ensure that their dogs are bred and cared for to the highest standards. In fact, when it comes to the health of the dogs they may even do a better job then the AKC Marketplace.

Puppies are verified in person by Europuppy to ensure that they were raised in a nice caring home. This goes for mommy and daddy as well as their litter of young fluffy offspring. Every puppy posted on the site will get a personal vet check to ensure they are the spitting image of canine health before they are shipped to you.

I would say one of the clear negatives however is that they are located in Hungary. Which depending upon where you live could make it almost impossible to reasonably visit. Despite this though their many positive references from all over the world including the United States points to their successful operation and skill in safely and humanely shipping the puppies to wherever you are in the world.

The search options that they have available for their breeder registry equals the quality of their breeding operations. You can look for Samoyed puppies along many of the basic categories like age, gender, and selected bloodlines. But they also have a “Best of Europuppy” section that details the finest puppy litter coming from their best breeders. Along with this if your willing to provide them your email you can be a participant in their puppy alert system which will notify you of any fluffy new arrivals.

While on of the negatives is that they are not affiliated with any of the major dog kennel clubs but despite this everything else about them is so great that I can’t help but highly recommend you check them out for your new Samoyed puppy.

Lancaster Puppies

If having a pure Samoyed puppy isn’t your goal and your interested in some equally cute Samoyed mix puppies then Lancaster Puppies might just be your ticket. This site is also a directory of breeders that work to ensure a decent quality to their puppies as far as health and sanitation are concerned.

You can easily find out on the site if a specific litter of puppies has received all their vaccinations and deworming treatment which can help ensure that your getting a puppy from a breeder that cares.

Lancaster Puppies will be a much better option for those readers who live on the east coast. The reason being that most of Lancaster Puppies breeders originate from Pennsylvania and the surrounding regions. If you live in the area then this can be a great opportunity to find a breeder that you can personally visit and see the puppies for yourself which is always the best way to go if your able.

One negative is that not all of the dogs on the site are registered with the AKC. This will be a bigger deal for some people while not for others. If it doesn’t matter to you then it shouldn’t hurt you going with Lancaster Puppies for your new Samoyed fluff ball.

Their available search options are pretty decent though not near as magnificent as their AKC Marketplace and Europuppy counterparts. All the basic options are there such as searches based on price, breed, size, and gender. The puppies also come along with photos of themselves which will help you know what your prospective new puppy looks like.

Greenfield Puppies

Greenfield Puppies is the more pure breed version of Lancaster Puppies also they are not as much centered in a specific location of the country. Which could be a good thing or a bad one depending upon your geographic locale.

One of the cool things about this site is that along with their breeder registry they also have a lot of very informative articles about each breed of dog that they list. This can help make sure that your able to get the type of dog that best suits your lifestyle, which is an important part of choosing a new puppy. In the case of Samoyeds, they are extremely energetic and so will not always be a good match for people with a more laid back sedentary lifestyle.

While Greenfield Puppies does put a lot of work in helping to ensure that their puppies are high quality, their regulations are not as strict as some of the options higher up on this list. This can introduce therefor the risk of getting a dog from a puppy mill or low-quality backyard breeder. So you need to do your own research and make sure to communicate with and ask questions of any breeder on the site that you’re considering getting a Samoyed puppy from.

The search options are pretty standard with one really nifty exception. Along with being able to search for puppies based upon breed, state, weight you can also look for puppies based upon their activity level. This will be a big help in ensuring that you and your new puppy get along with each other and are the right fit.

Puppy Spot

Puppy Spot likes to do things a bit differently than the other breeder registries listed in this article. For one they actually do not list breeders on their website instead they like to list the individual puppies that are available for purchase. This can help them ensure the quality fo their puppy as it allows the site to have a bit more control of what listings they allow on it.

While not being officially recognized by the AKC, yet still they ensure that every puppy bought through them comes with an official AKC packet of registration. For those who care a lot about this could potentially make Puppy Spot a decent lower priced option for those looking for a purebred Samoyed with an AKC pedigree.

The site does seem to put a lot of effort in ensure that there are no puppy mills listed on their site. They even have a “No puppy mill promise” which hopefully they continue to keep.

Their search options however are lacking in some respects. For one thing, they don’t have an option to search based upon the distance of the puppies from your current location. Since their dogs are shipped to the new owner this may not matter as much. But still, it makes it a bit harder to visit the breeder in person to get the lay of the land with your own two eyes. Though the usual basics are there such as gender, age, and color.

According to them their screening process for the dogs allowed on the site is quite rigorous. They say that less than 10 percent of all applications are accepted. If this is true then their standards are fairly rigorous but I would still try to do my own research into any puppy your interested in on the site just to be on the safe side.

Next-Day Pets

In Next Day Pets were starting to get to the much higher risk sites on this article list. Like everyone else, Next Day Pets is an online classified for puppies including little Samoyed puppies. It’s very easy however for a breeder to list on the site, this of course brings much higher risk. You have to especially watch out for puppy mills and other disreputable breeders. Not all are bad however but still, you have to practice a certain vigilance.

Any breeder on the site that you find interest please refer to our list of questions at the beginning of the article and don’t be afraid to ask the breeder those that you feel are relevant.

Their search options offer most of the basics along with discovering if the Samoyed puppy comes from championship-winning parents. If you provide them with your email address you can also put in certain criteria of puppies that you’re looking for you and they will send you an email update when puppies meeting those standards become newly available.

Puppy Find

With a huge list of puppies for sale Puppy Find will give you a plethora of options in your journey to find the best place to get your Samoyed puppy from. All of those listings of course come with a higher risk. The reason that Puppy Find is able to have so many options is due to their weaker standards on listing on the site.

In fact, it is free for anyone who has a litter of adorable puppies to list on the site. There are no health or quality checks so while this definitely pads their numbers of options it also brings you a lot of risk in your search. Checking out the operations of each breeder who you find interesting becomes vitally important and could certainly add to your workload since you can’t rely upon the website’s own screening procedures.

Despite their considerable number of listings their search options are not really fit for the task. Searching through on the potential puppies can be a real pain with their weak user interface. Basic search options exist such as what state the puppy comes from along with their gender, birthday and whether the listing has a photo available to view.


  • Link: CraigslistOpens in a new tab.
  • Risk Level: Very High
  • Search Options: Distance, Text Search

Everyone knows about Craigslist, its the place where you can buy almost anything from all kinds of people. But what a lot of people might not know is that Craigslist also has puppies available on the site for sale. It’s not as easy as it used to be, however. They once had a “Pets for sale” section but they no longer do. You still can find pets for sale on the website through but you must first search under the community area for Samoyeds.

As you can imagine Craigslist is not the best place to get a Samoyed puppy from. There are absolutely no regulations governing those listing puppies on the site, which means that you can’t know if they’re a puppy mill or a disreputable breeder of some other kind. There is though some advantage. Which is that you are more likely to be able to find a breeder who is close enough to you that you can actually go visit in person. If you can do that then that could make Craigslist definitely worth your time.

Hoobly Classifieds

Hoobly Classifieds is just like Craigslist but with one big difference. They still list puppies under a pets section in the “for sale” category. It’s simply a free classified listing service though so there is a huge amount of risk. The breeders you will find probably won’t be that good and may even be inhumane in the treatment of their animals.

This won’t be true for everyone listed on the site however so even though I warn you to be cautious it still might be worth it to check out their listings and see if you see any potential good ones. Make sure to review our questions to ask section when finding out whether a breeder is a good or bad one. Don’t be afraid to ask any prospective breeder a load of questions in person, over phone, or email.

Sources for Shelter or Rescue Samoyeds for Adoption

Adopting a Samoyed can be a great thing for both you and the dog you adopted. There are a lot of wonderful dogs who for some terrible twist of fate lack loving homes. This is incredibly sad, by adopting you can give one of these deserving Samoyeds the chance at a loving home that fate up till now had denied them.

There are however some challenges with adopting that it is good to be aware of. Most of the dogs available are going to be adults and not puppies. So if you really have your heart set on a fluffy Samoyed puppy then the chances of finding one to adopt are quite slim. Not everyone requires a puppy though and some might be quite pleased with an older calmer dog. This can be especially true for Samoyeds as they are often overflowing with energy. One that’s a bit calmer can be a lot easier to handle.

Adult dogs also often come somewhat already potty trained and you can have a pretty good idea of what their personality is. Questions like whether they will get along with a family cat or another dog usually know already by the shelter or rescue that you’re looking to adopt from. Of course, some dogs may have come from rough or abusive backgrounds and may need a bit of extra work to help heal their psychological wounds.

If you’re at all leaning towards adoption then I encourage you to go ahead and dive straight in. The joy seen on a newly adopted dog’s face as they go off to their family can be worth more then one might imagine. All dogs deserve love and you could help one who got a bad roll get that love.


Adopt-A-Pet is a registry of a whole bunch of rescues and shelters from all over. These shelters will list their dogs available for adoption on the website so that you can find them. A lot of the dogs are going to be mixed breed and you probably won’t find that many pureblood Samoyeds if that kind of thing is important to you.

Their search functions are pretty basic and you should expect to be able to find photos of each individual dog up for adoption. They tell you a lot about the personality of the dog which is always very useful when adopting. Whether their house trains, good with other dogs, spayed, or neuters all of these things you can quickly and easily discover through their nifty search function. If you give them your email you can also get alerts about any dogs that have become available based upon your search criteria.

Pet Finder

Pet Finder is a lot different from and not at all related to Pet Find. This website is another great resource that pools the listings of dogs ready for adoption from shelters and recues from all over. Once again your probably not going to have much luck finding puppies, but older dogs should be widely available.

Their search options are very similiar to Adopt-A-Pet with most of the same features. They both share an email alert system that will tell you when a dog meeting your person criteria has become newly available.

Other Sources for Samoyeds

  • Classifieds: Your local classified is a lower-tech version of Craigslist and Hoobly classifieds. Just like with those sites quality and risk are both huge concerns here. So you must do your due diligence. But your likely to find breeders that are close you to you who you can visit which is always a good thing.
  • Pet Stores: I generally don’t recommend getting a dog from pet stores. While there has been some improvement in recent years many stores have historically sourced their puppies from puppy mills and have usually been their primary customer. Not all pet stores are cut from the same cloth, however. So, by all means, check out the local pet store and make sure to ask them where their dogs come from, you also might meet some very knowledgable people who can give you tips and help in many ways.
  • Word of Mouth: This can be a great way to find samoyed puppies. If you know a friend, coworker, or neighbor who has a Samoyed then by all means ask them where their puppy came from. They might be able to give you a lot of good knowledge on how best to conduct your journey to find the best places to get samoyed puppies.

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