15 Best Places to Find Akita Puppies

It can be very difficult to find the best places to get Akita puppies. The breed is not the most common so finding good breeders for them can be quite difficult. That’s why I wrote this article to try to help people on their journey to find the best place to get Akita puppies for sale or adoption.

Making the choice of where to get your Akita puppy is a very difficult one. While this article can help you get started, a lot of the work will still lie on your shoulders. It is important to do your own research, but this article will give you a good foundation on where to start looking.

One of the first things you need to know before starting your journey is how to tell the difference between a good Akita breeder and a bad one.

How To Tell If An Akita Breeder Is A Good One

  • A good breeder will screen their dog’s health: A good Akita breeder should be testing the health of both their puppies and the parent breeding dogs as well. Akitas can be prone to problems in middle and later ages with their hips. So as much as possible you want to try to get a dog from a line with strong hips.
  • For Akitas, early socialization is must: While Akitas are great dogs they naturally have a very strong protective instinct that can lead them to be wary of strangers and new things. In the proper dosage, this can be a very good thing that might be part of what you’re looking for in an Akita. But because of this, it becomes imperative that they receive a lot of socialization so that they can differentiate between potential friends and threats. This socialization should begin as early as possible and a good breeder will be socializing their Akita puppies from the beginning.
  • A good breeder should be somewhat picky about who they sell their puppies to: While it might be annoying to have to jump through hoops to show that the breeder you’re looking the purchase from that you can provide the puppy with a great home. But I would actually consider this a good sign. It shows that the breeder really cares about their puppies and want to do everything in their power to make sure that they have a wonderful life at a nice home.

Some Types Of Breeders To Watch Out For

When getting Akita puppies unfortunately you do have to be careful because there are bad dishonest breeders out there. Generally, they come in two different forms. These would be the backyard breeder, which is sometimes good but often inadequate and puppy mills which as you can imagine are very bad.

Backyard breeders are generally normal people whos dogs bred accidentally bearing a litter of puppies or people who just decided to breed their dogs with little knowledge of how to do it right. Now if they are dedicated hobbyists who breed Akitas out of pure love for the breed and they studied, researched, and gained experience then they can actually be a good place to get a puppy from. But unfortunately, they are rarely the latter and usually the former.

Puppy mills though are always bad places to get an Akita puppy from. These are places that often breed their dogs in mass to make as much money as possible. You could also call them puppy farms which is a good word to describe how they run their operations. Little attention is paid to the health of the dogs and their female adult’s dog are often bred far more often then is healthy for them. Avoid puppy mills at all costs both for the sake of the health of your future puppy and cause you don’t want to give money and business to such disreputable operations.

American Kennel Club (AKC) Marketplace

The AKC was one of the first registries of purebred dogs in America. They have existest for over 100 years having first been founded in the year 1884. Their age and reputation for quality make them one of the best places to find Akita puppies. They take the quality of their breeders very seriously which takes a lot of the research work out fo your hands.

Every breeder registered in their marketplace is carefully vetted and has to agree to regular checks and inspections. This helps to ensure the quality of the puppies available on their site and helps you have more confidence in any litter that you are interested in.

The search options that they have on the website are quite sophisticated as well. Some of the breeders have badges that denote whether they have competed in or won any competitions. As well as various other organizations and dog breeding activities that they have participated in. Besides that, you can do searches based upon the distance of the breeder from your current location. The dog’s gender as well if the puppies come from any champion bloodlines. You can also see if there are any puppies available now or any puppies that may be coming soon.


Europuppy has happily served customers all over the world. They are not only restricted to Europe though it will probably be cheaper and easier if you are a resident of a European country. So while europuppy is a good choice to check out no matter where you live if you live in Europe you should especially check them out.

Just like the AKC Marketplace they have a lot of checks and regulations that help to make sure that their breeders are reputable. Every brood of puppies is supposed to be checked in person to make their that their methods of puppy raising are humane and sound.

Providing healthy puppies is their highest priority. Unlike the AKC the puppy’s health is more important to Europuppy than the dog’s specific pedigree. If health is your highest priority and pedigree is less important this can be a major positive for choosing this organization.

Europuppy home is in Hungary and every puppy registered on their site must have both a photo and description.

The available search options are very good. Including the basics of gender, age, and location. But they also cover whether they come from any special bloodlines and they have an especially cool category in their “Best of Europuppy” category. This includes the handpicked best litters coming from the reputable breeders connected to them.

They also have a new puppy alert system where if your willing to sign up you can receive notifications of any newly available puppies that meet the criteria that you signed up under.

Lancaster Puppies

If having cute healthy puppies is what you want and you don’t care very much for breed purity then Lancaster Puppies might just be the place for you. There are lots of high-quality breeders listed on their site but most of the puppies available are not going to be a purebred but instead rather mixed breed.

Either way, their puppies are still very awesome and due to their mixed ancestry, it can produce a lot of interesting new looks as well as personalities and abilities. Lancaster Puppies, unlike the other sites listed in this article, mainly operates in the specific location of the state of Pennsylvania. Most of their breeders come from that region. This can be a very good thing if you come from that area since it increases that chance that you might be able to actually physically meet the breeder in person, which is probably the best thing.

Their search options are pretty good. Each puppy comes with a photo of them allowing you to see what they look like. You can also search based on price, size, breed, and gender, which covers all the basic features.

While the site is quite good due to them not having quite as strict of regulations as the AKC or Europuppy as well as not being affiliated with any other major dog breeder organizations leads me to rank it at a slightly higher risk level.

Greenfield Puppies

Greenfield Puppies is around the same area of quality as Lancaster Puppies but with the exception that Greendfileds offerings are on a much wider geographical range. A certain caution needs to be exercised on this website as their regulations for the breeders who register with them are not as stringent. So it’s very important to do your due diligence. While this article can help point the way it’s important that you understand that ultimately the responsibility of finding good breeder land on your shoulders.

While the site doesn’t have the strictest regulations that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any good breeders on the site. You can find good breeders here but you do have to ook a bit harder and more carefully. Some of the puppies come with heath guarantees but unfortunately not all of them.

One of the ways Greenfield tries to help you separate the bad breeders from the good ones is with their badge system. The badges indicate various features that you get from the breeder such as whether the Akita puppies have had all their vaccinations, deworming, and other essential medical tests. As you can imagine I am a bit disappointed that they have badges for this as opposed to every breeder being required to have these things by necessity. But still, the badges are better than nothing.

Their search functions cover all of the general basics such as by breed, what state the breeder is in, the price of the dogs as well as their activity level. You can also search based upon specific champion bloodlines and whether they have a special health guarantee.

Puppy Spot

Puppy Spot is a pretty cool place to find Akita puppies on. Its a rather different kind of website from the other options listed in this article. Instead of listed breeders on their registry, they list the actual individual puppies. This is a rather different take on things which makes them interesting. While not being as strict as the AKC Marketplace and Europuppy they do put a lot more energy in ensuring the quality of their puppies than a lot of other places.

Each puppy will come with a picture of the dog as well as information about the dog’s parents which is pretty cool. Some puppies even come with a video so that you can get a chance to see the dog interact live or at least as well as you can over the internet.

Sadly Puppy Spot is not officially recognized by the AKC or any other major Akita breeding organization. But yet still each puppy you get on the website will come registered under the AKC along with a packet proving their pedigree. If a purebred dog pedigree is important to you then this can be a very cool thing.

Puppy Spot has on its website a “no puppy mill promise” for all the dogs listed under their website. Each dog is also required to complete a very detailed health check by a veterinarian before the puppy can be sent off to their new home.

The search options they have are not as good as other options but they do cover the basics of gender, age and the color of the dogs.

Next Day Pets

With Next Day Pets we start to come to the higher risk sites. No site for Akita puppies is perfect but some are higher risk than others and with this site and the ones that come after we get to the lesser ones. This website is an online classified for puppies. Since its extremely easy to list on the website theirs a strong chance that some fo the breeders will be disreputable. Caution and research is a must when using this site.

Their search options are pretty simple consisting of basic information and whether a dog comes from a champion bloodline or not. You can also see if shipping is available and you can sign up for email alerts notifying you of when new puppies become available that fit the criteria that you signed up with.

Puppy Find

With Puppy Find we come to the much higher risk websites where you can find Akita puppies. It is free and extremely easy for a breeder to register with this website. As you can imagine this fosters an environment that is very amenable to puppy mills and other bad breeders to post on there.

Yet still, there are good breeders on the site but it might sometimes feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack. So you must be very careful when looking for a puppy on this site make sure to do your own extensive research.

Considering that there is such a large amount of listings on the site the poor quality search functions can be very frustrating to use. You can only narrow down your search based upon state and the puppy gender and birthday. You can also look for listings that have photos included.


  • Link: Craigslist linkOpens in a new tab.
  • Risk Level: Very High
  • Search Options: Distance, Text Search

I’m pretty sure everyone is aware in some way of Craigslist. It has been a very popular website for quite some time. But what a lot of people might not know is that Craigslist also has listings for puppies and pets for sale. They do not however have a “Pets For Sale” section on the website. In order to find the pets listings available, you need to go to the pets section of the community area. Then just type in Akitas and you should be able to find the listings.

Now because it’s free and easy to list on craigslist then that makes it a very high-risk website. Theirs a huge chance to find bad breeders and puppy mills. But there is a good advantage to using Craigslist in your journey to find the best place to get Akita puppies. There is a good chance to be able to get a listing in your local area that will allow you to perhaps be able to physically visit the breeder which is always the best option when trying to assess the quality of a dog breeder.

Hoobly Classified

Hoobly Classified is just like Craigslist but with the exception that they still have a for sale section under their pets category. Also just like Craigslist, Hoobly Classified is free and easy to register which contributes to the reason why we have listed it as very high risk.

Due to the large amount of listings, you might be able to find a local breeder that you can visit.

Sources For Rescue Or Shelter Akitas For Adoption

Adopting an older dog can be a very kind and noble thing to do. There are also some significant advantages of getting an older dog. For one they might have already had certain basic training such as potty training. Also, you can likely find out from the shelter or rescue organization many things about the dogs already formed personality. Such as whether they get along with other dogs, do they get along with cats or other pets, etc. One obvious disadvantage is that some of the dogs might have negative psychological baggage from their potentially sad and devastating life. Fortunately, the shelter should tell you if this is so and make sure the dog only goes to a home that has the experience to handly their unique special needs.


Adopt-A-Pet is a listing of a variety of rescues and shelters all over the country. Here you can go to have an eagle eye view of many dogs from many different locals who are badly in need of kindly homes. If purity is important to you then you might be out of luck here as most of the dogs are probably going to be breed mixes of different kinds.

The search functions are quite nice and often give you a glimpse into the personality fo the individual dogs. They have photos of every dog available so that you can know what they look like. But you can also search the vast listings based upon whether the dog has been house trained, whether their good with other dogs and pets, If their neutered or spayed as well as even what color their furry coats are. Email alerts informing you of new dogs available for adoption can also be had if your willing to give them your email and some other basic information about yourself.

Pet Finder

Pet Finder is another adoption registry for finding Akitas for adoption or a wide variety of other breeds that you might be interested in. Most of the dogs are going to be breed mixes but you might be able to find a pureblood dog every once in a while.

The search options are pretty basic and include the usual information along with email alerts that you can sign up for. You can also find out the contact information for the individual shelter or rescue that is offering the dog for adoption.

Other Sources for Akitas

  • Local Classifieds: This source of finding an Akita puppy is quite risky but that have the cool advantage of giving you a good chance of finding a phase that you can physically visit.
  • Pet Stores: Akitas are a much less common breed so your probably not going to be easily able to find an Akita puppy at a pet store. But you might, in which case you need to be aware that historically pet stores formed the primary customer of bad puppy mills. This is changing somewhat however and different pet stores source their dogs differently. Make sure you ask them where they get their dogs from as part of your basic due dilligence.
  • Word of Mouth: This can actually be a great way to find the best place to get an Akita puppy. Ask your friends, co-workers and neighbors. Maybe go and visit a local dog park even if you don’t have a dog and see if you can meet any other owners of akitas. So that you can ask them where they were able to get their dog and what they thought about the breeder.

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