15 Best Places to Find Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies

If you’re trying to find the best place to get a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, it’s important to take a look at lots of sources and to do your research. Bernese Mountain Dogs have tendencies toward bad health. In fact, sadly many Bernese Dogs only have an average lifespan of 8 years. So this makes it especially important that you source your puppy from excellent breeders.

In this article, we will give you some tips on knowing how to find a great breeder who will provide you with a wonderful healthy puppy. You’ll also find a list from best to worst of breeder directories and some quick reviews on their advantages and disadvantages.

Even though we will try to give you a good headstart on your journey for the puppy of your dreams, you will still have to do your own research. We can help you but the choice and responsibility of what breeder you get your dog from will be completely up to you.

How to Identify Good Bernese Mountain Dog Breeders

The best way is to go visit the breeder and see how they run their operation yourself. This is by far the best way to know what you’re getting. The second best way is to simply ask them questions. These questions could be asked over the phone, email, or some other texting service.

Here are a few good questions to ask them.

  • Ask them how long they have been breeding Bernese Mountain Dogs
  • Pose them questions concerning the health history of their breeding dogs. This becomes especially important with Bernese Mountain Dogs as they have a tendency towards short lifespans and health problems.
  • When you get the puppy, do they come with some sort of certificate or other paperwork provided by a veterinary to prove that the puppies are up to date with their shots and have a good bill of health?
  • Can they provide any references from other people who have bought a puppy from them who can attest to their good breeding practices?
  • Ask them if you can look at the living space of the puppies so that you can see how well they are being taken care of.

American Kennel Club (AKC) Marketplace

This site is at the top of our list for good reasons. They are by far the most dependable and old registry of good dog breeders in the country. It is a marketplace where different Bernese Mountain Dog breeders can list their puppies for buyers to peruse.

Being a breeder added to the registry is not easy. They have to agree to regular inspections of the AKC of their dog breeding operation. Badges can be earned by breeders showing of their success and participation in various facets of the Bernese Mountain Dog breed. Whether they have won any competitions, have a champion bloodline, or whether they have attended any special seminars or taken up various educational courses.

There are many available search options on the website. You can see a lot of pictures of the various dogs available as well if they come from a championship bloodline. As well as searches based on distance, genders or whether puppies are available now or whether they might be coming soon.

Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America (BMDCA)

The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America is an organization formed to preserve and protect the Bernese Mountain Dog breed. They strive to improve the health of the breed as well as to foster an appreciation and understanding of Bernese Mountain Dogs.

They are one of the best sources for finding a good breeder for this breed. However, they don’t just provide you automatically with a list of approved breeders. Instead, you must sign up for a breeder referral opt-in where you give them your email and what state you reside in. They will then send you a list of BMDCA members who breed in your area.

While it may not be as convenient as some other sites that automatically list the available breeders and puppies yet still the organization is excellent so the breeders they recommend to you are likely of very high quality.


  • Risk Level: Not applicable
  • Link: BMDINFO LinkOpens in a new tab.
  • Search Options: Not applicable

I must admit that this site doesn’t actually list breeders or puppies for sale. This site is purely informational. But they do provide a very extensive and excellent set of resources for any prospective new Bernese Mountain Dog owner, from how to find a good breeder to all the different things you need to be thinking about with a new puppy.

They give a lot of history of the breed as well as high-quality information on almost every facet of living and caring for this breed. Any person thinking of getting a new Bernese Mountain Dog puppy would do well to spend a bit of time doing some research into the breed and puppy rearing information available on this site.


This is a European site as you can imagine but it can also be a great source for people who live outside of Europe as well. On their site are many great reviews from people all over the world who ordered their dogs and had them shipped through airplane to their home.

Just like the AKC, Europuppy does extensive checks of the breeders on their site in order to ensure the health quality of the breeding and the puppies.

They send their own people to check on the breeders in-person to ensure that they are running a safe good operation.

Their primary concern appears to be the health of the puppies and to this end they even send a personal veterinarian to check on the health of every puppy listed on the site.

The available search options are quite extensive as well. You can search based upon gender, age, and certain bloodlines to help you find the puppy of your dreams. You can also sign up for a new puppy alert program that will notify you of new puppy arrivals.

Greenfield Puppies

Greenfield Puppies is another good site where it agglomerates a variety of breeders for listings of Bernese Mountain Dog puppies. It is more at the high end with puppy prices often in the 500 dollars plus range but still cheaper than other options.e

A certain amount of caution is necessary with the site however for any prospective future Bernese owner. Since the site is free to list on and lacks many of the more stringent regulations of a site such as the AKC marketplace, this makes it a possibility to be viewing listings from puppy mills and disreputable breeders.

Greenfield still makes an effort though to cut down on this. They have badges that show various special aspects of a breeder. Such as whether the dogs have had proper vaccination, deworming as well as other medical tests.

Their search options are quite nifty as well. You can search based upon breed, state and location, pricing and you can even try to find out the various estimated activity levels of the various puppies to help ensure the best puppy owner match possible.

All of this makes a Greenfield one of the best places to find Bernese Mountain Dog puppies but due to their free listings without regulation, you must still do your due diligence and exercise caution.

Follow our earlier list on identifying good breeders and ask those questions of any prospective breeder you’re interested in obtaining a puppy from.

Lancaster Puppies

This website is very similar to the Greenfield puppies site, with one notable exception. Most of the dogs on Lancaster puppies originate from the Pennsylvania area. So if you live near that location then this could make this site top-notch. Since the ideal when investigation a good breeder is to be able to visit the breeder yourself. Then for those living on the east coast, this becomes a real possibility for breeders on this site.

Vaccinations and other medical checks such as deworming are indicated in the breeder listings which can help a lot in understanding the relative quality of a breeder.

The main negative of Lancaster puppies is that many of the dogs are not AKC registered. This along with the fact that registration for a breeder is free and lacks the tougher regulations and checks of the AKC marketplace means that you do have to be a little careful when considering dogs from this site.

The available search options are similar to many other sites. You are able to do searches based upon breed, gender, size, and price. Along with this many of the puppies come along with photos allowing you to have some idea of what they will look like.

Puppy Spot

Puppy spot unlike many of the other places we have listed here do not list breeders but instead specific puppies. They also take a much bigger role than many other online services in helping to sure that the puppies don’t come from puppy mills.

In fact, they have a “no puppy mill promise” listed on their site. In addition, they also require extensive health checks of every puppy before they are sent off to their lovely new home. This makes puppy spot one of the better best places to find Bernese Mountain Dog puppies as they obviously do put in more effort than other sites in helping to ensure the happiness of their puppies.

While the AKC does not officially sanction them they do try to make sure everyone of their puppies comes with an AKC registration pacted which helps put them a step above the rest.

Their search options are not quite as extensive but most them come with photos of the dog and with a few of them videos are available as well.

Next Day Pets

Next day pets are essentially an online classified listing for puppies. This site can be a high risk for puppy mills and backyard breeders due to it just being an online classified. They don’t have the checks or the stringent requirements that are entirely needed to help protect from bad breeders.

Still, there can be found good Bernese Mountain Dog breeders on the site even so. But you will have to be more careful and use our guide of questions to ask to make sure that the breeders you find on the site are reputable.

Their search options allow you to check if a particular puppy comes from a champion bloodline, shipping options as well as email alerts that you can sign up for to notify you of newly available puppies.

With listing on the site being free you need to be very careful but this is another good place that you can find Bernese Mountain Dog puppies for sale.

Puppy Find

Puppy Find has a very large amount of listings so it has a lot of good puppy options. Similiar to next day pets though they are online classified, which means that listing is free making the site vulnerable to listings from disreputable breeders like puppy mills and low-grade backyard breeders.

Any breeder that looks good on the website make sure to follow up with them with lots of questions so you can try to get a good idea of their quality. There aren’t any quality checks so you will need to make sure to do all that your self.

Unfortunately, their interface with their search options is not that great. Making it a challenge to fully scroll through their large amount of listings. You can search based upon state, and order it through a puppy’s birthday and gender. Some listings will also include a photo of the prospective puppy.


Craigslist is an extremely old and popular site for listing for sale pretty much anything that you can imagine. Finding puppies on craigslist will be one of the riskiest sources for a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy. Due diligence is a supreme requirement for using craigslist.

Due to these significant disadvantages, I was very hesitant to include craigslist in my list of best places to find Bernese Mountain Dog puppies. But there are certain advantages which led me to include it in the listing. The biggest advantage is that due to its popularity and a large amount of listings your odds of being able to find a breeder in your geographical location are high.

The absolute best way to screen a breeder for quality is by visiting them in person. While there are listing websites that do a lot of the quality checks for you, you can never be fully reliant upon them. If you can find a breeder on craigslist that you can actually visit in person then that could potentially be a better option then ordering a puppy from far away on a high-quality website like AKC marketplace.

Craigslist’s interface is not always very intuitive and they lacking in search options. Mainly you can only search based upon distance and whether the breeder has a photo for their puppy listing.

Hoobly Classifieds

Hoobly classified is a new site that competes with Craigslist particularly in the pets for sale section. Hoobly functions are very similar to Craigslist with many of the same advantages and disadvantages.

You can find a large number of listings increasing your chances of finding a breeder in your locale where you can then visit in person which is obviously a very good thing. But of course, they don’t do any quality checks for you so you must be wary of a proliferation of low-quality breeders. Who may not do health checks or even be caring for their young pups in the proper way.

So with Hoobly how good or bad depends almost entirely upon your own research and interaction with the breeder.

Sources for Rescue or Shelter Bernese Mountain Dogs for Adoption

Adopting a dog from a shelter or a rescue can be a great thing to do. There are a lot of amazing dogs that have been abandoned or been abused who are fully deserving of a great home. This includes Bernese Mountain Dogs. By adopting you will be able to provide these deserving dogs with a wonderful home.

Of course, there are some disadvantages to adopting mainly that your probably unlikely to be able to find a Bernese puppy up for adoption. Most people consider puppies to be too cute to be abandoned and it’s mainly when they grow up and they realize that there is a responsibility to dog ownership that they abandon or abuse them. So mainly only adults will be available.

With adopting an adult or older dog there are some advantages. They will already be partially trained hopefully so potty training won’t be necessary and they’ve already developed their personality so you can more easily understand what kind of dog your getting. Then again they may have some psychological damage from what they experienced before so you will need to make sure to communicate with the shelter to fully understand the dog’s history.


Adopt-A-Pet is a site that allows shelters and rescues to list the dogs that they have available for adoption. Finding a puppy here will be difficult so it’s more a site to find adult Bernese Mountain Dogs. If your interested in a mixed breed and breed purity doesn’t matter to you then this can also be a good option.

Their listings and search options are fortunately fairly detailed and well covered. You can find out what the dog’s color is as well if its already house trained. Finding out whether they’re good with other dogs are spayed or neutered, up to date with their shots and what the adoption fee are all available.

If your willing to take in an older dog in need of a home then Adopt-A-Pet can be one of the best places to find a Bernese Mountain Dog.

Pet Finder

Pet Finder is also an agglomeration of the listings of many different dog rescues and shelters throughout the country. If your okay with an older Bernese Mountain Dog then this site can be a great option. There are certain difficulties with adopting an older dog but it is doing a wonderful thing providing a dog in need with a loving kind home.

Many dogs will be mixed breed so that is always something to keep in mind though it is possible to find a pure breed for adoption it will be harder and they probably won’t come with any pedigree papers.

The site offers many possible search options and you can also get e-mail alerts on the site that will tell you when a new dog that lists your required criteria becomes available for adoption.

Other Sources For Bernese Mountain Dogs

  • Pet Stores: You can sometimes find a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy through your local pet store. Though the chances of this will vary depending upon your geographical location. There is a certain risk with this because you usually won’t know where the pet store is sourcing their puppies. A lot of puppy mills have been the key provider for pet stores. All stores can be different though so visit them and talk to them to ask questions and get a feel for their methods.
  • Local Classifieds: This is pretty risky in a similar way to Craigslist and Hoobly but it does have the advantage of being places that you can physically visit and check out fo your self.
  • Word of Mouth: This can potentially be one of the best places to find a great Bernese Mountain Dog puppy. Talk to people at your local Bernese Mountain Dog club or friends and neighbors who have gotten puppies from good breeders. Ask them questions and lean upon your experience to help you find the best breeder for your new puppy.

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