15 Best Places to Find Chow Chow Puppies

When looking for a Chow Chow puppy it’s important to do your research to make sure you find your puppy from the best place. You need a breeder who takes the health of their dogs very seriously. They need to provide them with health checks and the place where they raise the puppies needs to be sanitary and a place of love.

You’re also going to want a Chow Chow breeder that puts effort into properly socializing their Chow puppies. Chow Chows can have difficulties with aggression and social interaction if they have not properly been exposed to a variety of types of people, situations, and places. While socialization is something that you the owner will have to take the primary task of, it’s important that it begins as early as possible even when the dog is a little puppy still hanging out with their mother.

This article will provide a good foundation for you to start your journey to find the best place to get your adorable Chow Chow puppy from. Unfortunately, I can’t guide you the entire way. You will have to do a lot of the search on your own using your own reason and understanding. But I can give you some good tips along with the best places to begin your search.

How to Identify Good Chow Chow Breeders

There’s no doubt that the absolute best way to know whether a dog breeder is a good or bad one is to actually visit yourself. Sadly due to geographical limitations, this is not always possible. But still, even in those cases where you can not visit in person, you can ask them questions over the phone or email.

Here are some very good questions that you can ask them.

  • How long have they been breeding Chow Chows?
  • What is the health history of the mother and father? Are they in good health and maybe even ask about the health of the puppies grandparents if that’s possible.
  • Does the Chow Chow puppy come with any kind of health certificate proving that the dog has gotten a good bill of health from a qualified veterinarian?
  • Can the breeder provide any positive references from other people who have gotten a Chow Chow puppy from them?
  • Can you look at where the puppies live? This can only really be done if you can physically visit but if they don’t want you to then that’s not really a good sign.

Here are the kinds of breeders that you need to be careful of.

  • Puppy mills: these are places that breed Chow Chows in mass for profit. They often don’t take the effort to ensure the dog’s health or that they’re living in sanitary conditions. Often puppy mills are incredibly inhumane.
  • Backyard breeders: Breeders of this kind I believe can be bad or good. They are people who may have bred just once or twice sometimes accidentally. Basically normal peoples whose dogs had puppies. Sometimes due to their family nature, they can be pretty good. But often they don’t have the necessary experience to make sure that the puppies have everything they need to thrive.

Below are some good resources to start looking

American Kennel Club (AKC) Marketplace

The AKC Marketplace is possibly the best place to find a Chow Chow puppy. They are a site that lists a directory of breeders and the puppies that they have available. As the oldest and most well known registry of dog breeders in America they have built up a lot of quality and a very good reputation.

Their reputation for high quality is not accidental. It is very difficult for a Chow Chow breeder to be added to the registry. To be allowed on they have to be willing to undergo regular inspections by the AKC to ensure the quality of their breeding operation.

Every puppy will come with a pedigree proving that their pure chow chows and a bit about their familial history. The site has a good deal of search options available. Ranging from being able to break your search down based upon distance, gender, puppies available now, puppies on their way, and whether the dogs come from a championship bloodline.

Breeders can also displace badges proving their successful participation in different competitions and chow chow organizations. Things such as whether they have a champion bloodline, victory in competitions such as dog shows and agility etc.

The Chow Chow Club Incorporated (CCCI)

The American Kennel Club (AKC) has individual clubs for each one of the breeds that are recognized him. The Chow Chow club is the Officially AKC sanctioned club representing Chow Chows in the United States. Their sanctioning by the AKC ensures that all the breeders listed on this registry should be quite high quality.

This makes this website one of the best places to find a Chow Chow puppy. A very good start to your journey perhaps only rivaled by the AKC Marketplace. Even then it would be very close since this club specializes in Chow Chows.

The regulations covering the breeders who are allowed into their registry are quite stringent. Just like with the AKC mother organization they are required to have regular inspections in order to maintain their membership in the organization.

Their search function is pretty basic, I have to say that I personally prefer the greater detail of the AKC Marketplace. Basically you choose the state that you live in or are looking for a Chow Chow from and then from there you get a list of breeders that you can contact to find out if they have puppies available.

This also would be a great opportunity to ask them about the puppy’s parents and other important details about their operation. Despite most of the breeders being in the United States, breeders from Canada are included as well.


Europuppy as it shows in the name is an organization based in Europe, Hungary to be more specific. If you live in Europe then this place could be a great way to source your new Chow Chow puppy. But even if you don’t live in Europe, living in the United States or South America for example you can still order your puppy from this site.

Of course, that will mean that your baby Chow Chow will have to probably come to you by airplane. This might be a bit hair raising for some people worrying about the safety of the puppy but it appears that Europuppy has the formula down for the success and safety of the puppy.

One of the best things about Europuppy is that they do very extensive health checks of the breeders who list on their registry. The puppy’s health both in the short term and the long term seems to be obviously their highest priority. Every puppy before it’s sent off to it’s new owner must go through a health check with a qualified veterinarian.

The interface of the website is of high quality as well. There are many search options available that will help you find the best Chow Chow puppy for you. Searches can be done based upon age, gender as well if they are descended from any special bloodlines.

Greenfield Puppies

This is another site that is a registry for Chow Chow breeders as well as breeders of other breeds of dogs. Unlike the AKC marketplace and Europuppy, Greenfield Puppies doesn’t have a stringent series of regulations governing the breeders allowed to register on their site. This makes Greenfield Puppies of a higher risk, because this lack of stringent regulations can possibly bring puppy mills and other disreputable breeders on the site.

While it is free for breeders to register on the site, Greenfield Puppies does make some effort to reduce the risk. It is possible for breeders to have badges that show of certain certifications and other merits of the breeder. These badges coving things such as whether the dogs have had their vaccinations, deworming as well as many other forms of medical tests.

Their search options are fairly high quality. Searches are possible based upon location, breed, pricing as well even the activity levels of the individual dogs. This can be a very nice feature as it gives you a bit of a glimpse into the potential personality of the puppy.

Lancaster Puppies

There are a lot of similarities between Lancaster Puppies and Greenfield Puppies. Both of them are free registries for dog breeders, with little in the way of checks or regulations. A big difference though is that while Greenfield Puppies cover breeders in a larger geographical area while Lancaster puppies are mainly centered around the Pennsylvania area.

If you live near that area then Lancaster Puppies could be one of the best places for you to find your Chow Chow puppy. This is due to the fact that the chance that you will be able to actually visit the breeder is very good. So for those in the area definitely consider this site as the potential beginning of your journey.

There are various badges and signifiers notifying you about if the puppies have had their vaccinations and medical checks. These can help a lot in separating the high-quality breeders versus the lower quality ones.

A big negative depending upon what your looking for is the fact that most of the Lancaster Puppies are not registered with the AKC. This won’t affect some people but if your looking for a puppy with a pedigree then it could be a deal-breaker.

You can search through the listings based upon gender, size, price, and of course breed. Some of the puppies also come with photos that will tell you what they look like in case you can’t visit in person.

Puppy Spot

Puppy Spot is a lot different than the other sites listed here. For one they list specific puppies and not actual breeders. So unlike the others, they are not a registry of breeders but instead a listing of actual puppies available. They also try to differentiate themselves from some of the other midgrade puppy registries by giving a “no puppy mill promise”.

So the question then becomes if they live up to that promise? Well, they do require health checks of any puppy listed on their site before they can be sent off to their future happy home. While this alone is obviously not as extensive as some fo the other options listed in this article. It is a lot better than no checks which unfortunately is the state of some sources of Chow Chow puppies.

The AKC doesnt sanction them officially but puppy spot does make at effort to see that their puppies come with a packet of AKC registration.

Sadly their search option arent very extensive but some of the listings come with photos and videos as well.

Next Day Pets

Next day pets is much higher risk than the sites we listed higher up in the article. They are a classified listing for puppies. This of course includes Chow Chow puppies. It’s very free and easy for a breeder to list their puppies on the site. This can be a good thing in the sense that theirs generally a lot of puppies to find and look at. But the negative of course is that it makes the site more susceptible to listing lower quality breeders.

Doing your own research into the individual breeders will be extremely important with this site. You have to do your own due diligence. Use the questions we provided earlier in the article and if you contact any of the breeders ask the lots of questions about their operation.

The search options available are pretty basic and include things such as whether the puppy’s parents have won a championship, details about shipping and a wide variety of other basic information.

Puppy Find

Puppy Find is in the same family of breeder registry as next day pets. It’s important to differentiate between Puppy Find and Puppy Finder. The former is an online registry of breeders while the latter lists dogs from shelters and rescues available for adoption. You can easily find a lot of listings on this site so they do give you a good deal of options to choose from.

Puppy mills and backyard breeders can be common on the site so be very cautious and do your own investigations. As with many other registries, Puppy Find doesn’t do any quality checks so that’s good to understand.

Their search function is lacking especially considering the huge amount of listings that you will have to scroll through. You can organize your search based upon what state the breeder is in as well as the puppy’s birthday. Photos of the adorable puppies will be available on some listings.


  • Link: CraigslistOpens in a new tab.
  • Risk Level: Very High
  • Search Options: Distance, Text Search

Everyone knows about Craigslist. After all its a site that has been around for a long time and has a reputation for having almost everything for sale on its classifieds. But you might not know that Craigslist also lists pets for sale. They used to have a section for pets under their for sale section. But they got rid of that so if you want to look up Chow Chow puppies for sale you’re going to have to go to their community section and then from their look under pets.

I will admit that generally, Craigslist is definitely not the best place to find Chow Chow puppies. There are no rules for posting so their pet section is going to be littered with puppy mills and poor quality breeders of all stripes. The advantage to craigslist though is that due to the large number of people who list on the site the chances for finding a breeder within traveling distance are high. Going back to the beginning it is best if you can visit the breeder in person and with Craigslist that becomes very possible.

Hoobly Classifieds

  • Link: Hoobly ClassifiedsOpens in a new tab.
  • Risk Level: Very High
  • Search Options: Country, State, and Text Search

Hoobly Classifieds is just like Craigslist with the exception that Hoobly has their pets for sale under a for sale section. All kinds of breeders can list themselves on Hoobly Classifieds and there are no real restrictions or rules to ensure high quality. Caution is therefore warranted as many of the breeders won’t be good.

They may not be putting their puppies under health checks and they may not be up to date on their vaccinations. These all are risks that you might find with this site. But just like with Craigslist you may be able to find a breeder who you can visit in person which would be a very good thing.

Their search functions are the same generally. You can file down your searches based upon country, state and text search.

Sources for Rescue or Shelter Chow Chows for Adoption

Adoption can be a great thing to do for a Chow Chow or any other breed of dog for that matter. You can provide a great family and home for a dog in need. All dogs deserve love but the sad fact about this world is that many don’t receive it. Adoption allows at least one more deserving dog to get the love that they need.

Of course, it will be unlikely that you will be able to find a Chow Chow puppy to adopt. Most of the dogs are going to be adults. There are advantages and disadvantages to this. On one hand, you might be able to get a calmer older dog who is already potty trained and trained in other ways. But on the other hand, they may have some psychological baggage due to their rough life up to that point. They might have special needs so to speak, usually, the shelter or rescue will inform you of these things, however.


Rescues and shelters throughout the country list their available adoptees on Adopt-A-Pet. This website is a registry that instead for breeders if or dog shelters or rescues. Many of the dogs available are going to be older Chow Chows or one of mixed breed descent. So if that’s not a problem then this site could be a great place for you to find a Chow Chow to love and care for.

The different dogs on the site each come with a photo showing you what they look like. What’s also nifty is that they will tell you certain specific training and aspects of the dog’s personality. Do they do well with other dogs or cats? Are they up to date on their shots as well as whether they are spayed or neutered? You can even find out if they are already house trained or not. These functions are extremely useful and can really help pair you with the best dog for your lifestyle and abilities.

You can give them your e-mail so that you will be notified when a dog matching the criteria you gave them becomes available for adoption.

Pet Finder

Unlike Puppy Find which is classified for breeders, Pet Finder is just like Adopt-A-Pet a collection of various dog shelters throughout the country. Many of the same advantages and disadvantageous associated with adopting older dogs are present on this site.

You can do searches on a wide variety of factors and traits. Including the distance of the shelter from you, the gender of the dog, their age, and color. They will also tell you what they can about their personality traits, which of course is immensely useful. They also have an e-mail alert system that you can sign up with to tell you when a dog meeting the specifications you gave becomes available for adoption.

Other Sources for Chow Chows

  • Local Classifieds: There’s a lot of risk to the local classified just like with Craigslist and Hoobly Classified. But you have a good chance of finding a breeder who is local enough to allow you to visit them in person.
  • Pet Stores: Many pet stores source from puppy mills but some stores have been making a greater effort recently to not do this. Each store or chain will of course have their own unique policies. So you have to grade them based upon the individual store. These places can be good to ask questions sometimes and if you visit ask if you can know where the puppies are originally sourced from.
  • Word of Mouth: This could perhaps be the best way to find Chow Chow puppies. Ask around at local dog clubs or even just Chow Chow owners you know or have met. Get their advice and find out about their experiences. They may be able to recommend a good breeder for you or at least give you some tips on your journey to find a new Chow Chow puppy to love and hold.

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