Are Basset Hounds Cuddly and Affectionate?

Are Basset Hounds Cuddly And Affectionate?

Based upon looks, no one would deny that Basset Hounds look incredibly cuddly but do they have an affection for you to back it up? With their long Weiner like body’s and adorable floppy ears, plus how their noses are always stuck to the ground looking for scents. Then it would seem completely obvious that Basset Hounds are cuddly and affectionate. Appearances are not everything however so it’s important to investigate the issue more closely. How cuddly and affectionate are Basset Hounds?

Basset Hounds rank as one of the most cuddly and affectionate dogs. With ears to die for and a face anyone could love they have few rivals for cuteness. But they can also be very independent dogs, that like to do their own thing. This can sometimes make them less affectionate than their owners may desire.

A lot goes into determining how cuddly and affectionate a dog breed like the Basset Hound is. One thing is for certain, they definitely are the type of dog anyone would want to cuddly with. But could they be too wiggly for this?

Fortunately, Basset Hounds are the type of dog more likely to be couch potatoes then wild canines running around the house. This can make them nearly perfect dogs for cuddles. Its very easy to just lounge around on your uber comfortable sofa with your Basset Hound just wasting the day away with snuggles while watching tv.

The matter of their affection though could be trickier. Some people tend to associate obedience and affection as one. If their dog obeys them then they must love them. This standard of affection won’t apply well to Basset Hounds. As among their myriad traits, obedience is generally not included amongst them.

In fact, they are notoriously independent and somewhat stubborn dogs. But this won’t affect their love for you, however. Nor how they express it. You can expect Bassets to shower you with licks, happy yowls, and eagerly wagging tails as their displays of affection.

Read on to find out the many ways that these lovable dogs will show their affection. As well as some of the Bassets cutest quirks to expect from them. So let’s dive into why these playful Bassets Hounds can be so cute and affectionate towards both their family and strangers.

Why Are Basset Hounds So Affectionate?

Like most dogs, their affection and cuddliness depend upon two primary factors. One being how they were raised. This is pretty obvious, treat a dog well with lots of love and they are likely to return it over their life. Be mean to them as puppies and things will be more up into the air as to how nice they will become.

The other factor besides nurture is the nature side of the question. This has a great deal to do with what Basset Hounds were bred to do. What was their work life like? Why did humans breed them?

In the case of Basset Hounds, these dogs were originally bred as hunting dogs. Not the kind of hunting dog that the nobility would hunt with while they were riding horses. But instead hunting dogs for the common man. Who often would hunt on their feet as they were too poor to afford a horse.

This is part of the reason that Basset Hounds have such shorty stubby legs. As it would be much easier for their owners to be able to chase after them when they’re eagerly on the trail of game. Along with their duties as hunting hounds, they were also family dogs.

It’s easy to picture some rustic french peasants going out hunting with their adorable Basset Hounds and then in the evening the dog would be cuddling with the kids next to the fire. As the game that they had so expertly helped to catch was being cooked.

It is most likely from this family-oriented lifestyle that led Basset Hounds to become so awesomely cuddly and affectionate. After all, peasants couldn’t afford dogs for different tasks. So Bassets were expected to hunt during the day but be playful and lovely with the family once the days hunting was done.

Don’t Confuse Obedience and Affection When It Comes to Basset Hounds

If your looking for a particularly obedient dog then you probably shouldn’t be looking at a Basset Hound. While they are very affectionate this affection is most definitely not expressed through obeying your commands. In fact, it’s very easy to say that Basset Hounds could give mules a run for their money when it comes to stubbornness.

They are the very definition of selective hearing. You can pretty much see the gears turning in their head when you give them a command, deciding whether it’s in their interest to obey or not.

Why Are Basset Hounds So Cute?

How is it that these playful Basset Hounds can be so affectionate and cute at the same time?

  • Sometimes their howls can sound like a cow going mooo!: Probably one of the cutest things about Basset Hounds are their adorable yowls. Each individual shows their personality throw their varied vocalizations. Just like a box of chocolates, you won’t fully know what kind of cute sounds they’ll make until you get one.
  • Their convenient amnesia: While this one can be pretty annoying at times it can be really cute too. Your Basset Hound will just happen to forget their name especially when it suits them. They’ll also forget any command you teach them once it no longer serves their purpose. Thankfully their love of treats can usually overcome this amnesia.
  • Short stubby legs: Sometimes when a Basset Hound gets really excited, they can trip over their short legs in the cutest way possible. Few things in life are as adorable as that.
  • Beautiful droopy sad eyes: All it takes is just one look from a Basset Hounds sad eyes to make you literally die from their cuteness. It makes it really to hard to say no to them.

How Do Basset Hounds Cuddle and Show Their Affection?

You’ll definitely know that you have a Basset Hounds affection and love when they do these things.

  • Basset Hounds will cuddle with you when you’re in a bad mood: Even if you’re sitting on the couch all sad and depressed, it’s no problem for a Basset. They’ll just eagerly jump up and love you whether you want it or not. It is through such tyranny that Basset Hounds cuddle and show their affection.
  • Will give you a flood of kisses: Now while not all Basset Hounds are lickers many though are. If your Basset Hound wants to express their affection for you then expect a lot of joyful licking. Don’t worry their tongs don’t really have germs and can even be anti-bacterial. So don’t deny them their kisses otherwise you might have to face so sad sad eyes.
  • Expect a cacophony of noise every time you walk into the door: Probably the surest way to know if your basset hound loves you or not is how they greet you. Went away for just a few minutes to the store for milk? doesn’t matter when you get home you will be welcomed with all manner of yips and yowls. Alone with an irrepressibly wagging tail, when you live with a basset hound expect to die from cuteness daily.

How to Bring Out Your Basset Hounds Playful Nature

One of the best ways to strengthen your bond with your Basset Hound is actually to play with them. Having loads of fun will make both of you and your dog live longer happier lives. Additionally, it can often be a great form of exercise. Which unfortunately Bassets often need as it’s easy for them to gain weight in an unhealthy manner. So it’s something their owners really have to be on the lookout for.

  • Play with your Basset Hound with a water hose: Dogs just love playing with water hoses and Basset Hounds are no exception. Of course, it’s not the hose itself that they want to play with. But rather the stream of water that comes out of it. Just make sure that it’s not a cold day. This is definitely a game best left to hot weather.
  • Take your Basset Hound to the local dog park: Just about any dog will benefit from more trips to the dog park. This goes for their owners as well. It achieves many things in one trip. This one thing will provide both you and your dog a chance to socialize and exercise. Both you and your Basset Hound will gain the affection of new friends. Plus I bet it will make your Basset Hound even more cuddly and cute than before.
  • Get your Basset Hound a kong chew toy to play with: Kong chew toys are like wonderful puzzles wrapped around your dog’s favorite treats. Just take your Basset Hounds favored snacks and stuff them into the kong. They will then spend potentially hours happily trying to get the treats out of the kong. It’s not just a good way to play with your Basset Hound but it can also get them out of your hair for a little bit in case you need some alone time.

Final Words

It’s pretty obvious at this point that Basset Hounds could probably be considered the most affectionate, cuddly, and playful dogs out there. Or at least they’ve got to be in the top three. But don’t take my word for it go out and meet a Basset Hound of your very own to cuddle with and experience the magic of these adorable dogs.

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