Are Basset Hounds Good With Kids? Tips For Parents

Pleasant, easy-going, and clownish are just a few of the words to describe your everyday Basset Hound. With descriptive adjectives like this you would think that the answer to “Are Hasset Hounds good with kids?” would be a cinch. There are however many variables at play. One is the type of family you have and the things that you’re looking for in a dog. So just how good are Basset Hounds with kids?

Basset Hounds are a lovable easygoing breed of dog. Their history as pack hunters has led them to literally have never met a stranger. These dogs love children and are loved by children. Their floppy ears and adorable personality make them rank at the top when it comes to a good family dog.

Are Basset Hounds Good With Kids?

What are some of the traits when you are looking for a good companion dog for children? The list will probably vary based upon the personality of a family and child. But some things likely to be at the top of the list are:

  • Playfulness
  • A kind friend
  • Entertainment
  • Enjoys hanging out with the family
  • Gentle temperament

If these are the traits that you’re looking for in a dog, then have no fear for your search is over. The Basset Hound hits check marks on all five.

A dog with a goofy personality, Basset Hounds will always be down with play, that is when they’re not sleeping. Your children will have a beautiful furry friend who will be gentle and kind-natured in their play. Problems like excessive energy, jumping, and general rowdiness do not exist in the Basset Hound playbook

This makes them the best companions for smaller children. While bigger kids will have lots of fun with the Basset Hound as well, little kids will completely adore them. They are short to the ground with floppy ears, and they won’t be too rough with them. Larger and more hyper dogs like Samoyeds are good playmates but might be too hyper and rough for little kids.

With their ears flopping gracefully in the wind, their hilarious antics and silly behavior will have you laughing stitches with entertainment.

Family time is their favorite time. They enjoy nothing more than to go on nice peaceful walks with their family. The one exception to that might be their exquisite love of fine cuisine and smelling the news of the neighborhood.

Children, however, must be gentle with these dogs, as their elongated backs can be a source of injury. Make sure kids never try to ride or put weight on them. Take good care of them and your child will have a great lasting friendship.

Basset Hound Tips For Parents

  • Make sure to exercise them: Bassets, unlike many other dogs, don’t need exercise because they’re filled to the brim with energy and might otherwise tear up the house. No, with basset hounds the problem is their laziness. They like sleeping. Sleeping by the fire. Sleeping on the porch. Sleeping in your lap. But this combined with their love of snacks can lead them to be overweight. Their skeletal frame was not made well for excessive weight gain. So it’s important to take them for daily walks as well as watch their diet.
  • Have the kids walk the Basset Hound: Unless your child is very young, Basset Hounds are calm enough that many kids should be able to walk them safely. It’s important though that you don’t let them off-leash as they are hunting dogs and they could chase off after prey.
  • Don’t let the kids take them swimming!: Basset hounds while being total cuddle machines, there is one thing that they were not made for. That is swimming! Basset hounds believe it or not cant swim. Oh sure that might do a few strokes, but with their long backs, it just doesn’t make for a good swimming stance. So don’t let the kids take the dog into deep water as they might drown.
  • Watch out for food begging!: Everyone knows the classic image of the kid feeding their dog under the table. Well, Bassets love to beg, they take the activity to the level of art. Don’t fall for it and don’t let your kids fall for it. Obesity is a serious problem with this breed. They have both a strong tendency towards it and its negative effects will hurt them more than other breeds of dogs.

Socializing a Basset Hound for Kids

This part ain’t hard at all. Basset Hounds make it easy. They love people and kids best of all. After all, Bassets are short, kids are short. Bassets like to play and so do kids. Its all a match made in heaven.

Still even the most naturally loving breed might turn a bit feral and fear others if you never take them outside to make new friends. If all they know is you and their family then they could develop some weird and concerning phobias, like hating hats, or people with beards. Or maybe even just people. This is not the Basset Hound way, so make sure you socialize your Basset so this doesn’t happen.

  • Take your Basset Hound to the dog park: Bassets love other dogs, being surrounded by fellow canines is their domain. As pack hunters sniffing off after the prey, baying the whole way to let their fellows know their location. Making friends with dogs comes naturally to them. Encourage this and it will serve you both well. Plus you should always find creative ways to get your hound moving for fitness. Dog parks can a good way of doing this.
  • Have your kid’s friends play with them: Just having your kids play with the Basset Hound will socialize them with your children. But they still need to meet more kids in general. An easy way of doing this is to have the friends of your kids over and encourage them to play with them. That way your Basset Hound will be the friendly fellow he was meant to be, instead of a weird floppy-eared recluse.

Training Basset Hound to be Good With Kids

Oddly enough this part is both easy and hard at the same time. It’s easy because Basset Hounds don’t have a lot of the negative problems with kids that other dogs can have. Like jumping, roughhousing, chasing after the kid, and nipping at their heels. But at the same time, it’s really hard, because Basset Hounds can be extremely stubborn.

I mean like really stubborn. The kind that makes you think their going deaf when they’re not. Of course, don’t just try to yell the command louder cause then they really might go deaf and you would just be wasting your oxygen.

As a result, it’s best to try to use bribery and positive reinforcement when training them. Get the kids involved too. It teaches them responsibility and will help give your Basset more training repetitions with greater consistency.

Food will be your secret weapon. While Bassets may not like obeying orders, food they truly love. So when training them you might experience the best results through food motivation. Give them their favorite treat whenever they obey a command. Doing that with utmost consistency is probably your best shot.

The 3 Things Kids Should Never Do to a Basset Hound

  1. Kids should never climb on or ride a Basset Hound: Their backs are very sensitive and prone to injury even in the best of times. Putting any weight but their own on them, and they could instantly give way. This will lead to terrible pain for your dog and expensive medical bills. So don’t ever let your kids climb on them. Older children will probably understand this intuitively but younger kids might not. Set a rule and enforce it with loving strictness.
  2. Kids should never pull on their ears: I know its really tempting. Bassets to a kid might seem akin to having their very own dumbo (you know the elephant with the big ears) and pulling on their ears could seem irresistible. But they must not, they are attached to a living creature and they will hurt a lot. Of course, petting them is perfectly fine.
  3. Don’t allow your kids to throw things at the dog: Sometimes we get angry, I understand, and lose our cool. Still, I don’t care if the Basset Hound ate your action figure, never ever throw anything at them. It’s painful, cruel, and it’s just bad dog ownership. So watch your kids on this and yourself.

What Your Basset Hound Will Teach Your Children

Believe it or not, Basset Hounds have a lot to teach, especially to children of all ages. Many of these lessons will be well learned and last a lifetime. Anyone who grew up with a dog can probably attest to all the good experiences they had and how it helped them to develop the tenacity to take life head-on. As well as the love to get them back up when life’s knocked them down. Of course, if your kid gets knocked down then your Basset will be there by their side in an instant.

  • Basset hounds make kids more cooperative: Learning the ins and outs of the personality of another animal can help children to learn to cooperate. After all, they’ll have this four-legged friend who can’t speak their language. So hand gestures and guttural noises will be key to the interpretation of meaning.
  • Kids will become more empathetic: Seeing their kind-hearted furry friend waddle their way through life will help your child to appreciate the struggles and cares of others. They will develop empathy from speaking their problems to their dog and will help them to grow into more caring people.
  • Dogs can help children cope with trauma and lesser stresses: A scientific study has been done showing that kids working with a dog can help them to recover from deep trauma. Of course, your kid isn’t likely suffering from that but if they can help with trauma then they certainly can help with lesser stresses.


Basset Hounds easily carry out the saying that a dog is a man’s best friend. When it comes to kids, Basset Hounds will make this saying doubly true. Basset Hounds are very good with kids and few dogs can outshine them in this department. A family with a Basset Hound will have a true treasure in their midst.

Of course, you need to watch their weight and their back for any problems so that they will have a long healthy life. Getting them out doing exercise and meeting people form a core part of your responsibility towards them. Successfully do this and you will see for yourself that Basset Hounds are good with kids.

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