Are Bloodhounds Affectionate?

Affectionate Blood Hound cuddling with the grass

Bloodhounds are noble loyal dogs with a nose like no other but are they affectionate? Obviously, if your a person who really wants a dog that you can cuddle with then knowing if Bloodhounds are that kind of dog is important. There are multiple factors that go into determining if a specific breed of dog can be considered affectionate or cuddly. One is genetics with the other major factor being the state of your own personal relationship with the dog.

Bloodhounds are a loyal but independent hound breed. Bloodhounds will love being affectionate with their family while adoring any cuddles they can get. However, they are not a needy breed. They like to be affectionate but it’s not their primary drive in life like with some other breeds. Making them perfect for the family looking for an affectionate dog that isn’t going to be overly needy.

While most Bloodhounds will be cuddly and affectionate it will vary accordingly to each individual dog. Some bloodhounds will be more cuddly than other ones.

Genetically as a hound dog, they’re used to interacting with people and other dogs. These strong social bonds of course including engaging in affectionate actions and sometimes cuddles.

So genetically Bloodhounds are well disposed to be affectionate but a lot of it will actually be determined by how you raised them.

Particularly the first four months of your dog’s life plays the biggest role in their future personality. Of course, dogs can also have personality changes later on in life but it is more difficult and less common. Socialization plays a big part. It’s important that you try to introduce your dog to as many people as possible when their young and more amiable.

You of course want to avoid any negative social experiences. A traumatic incident in young life could have long term negative ramifications for a Bloodhounds personality. But focusing on the small positive moments and trying to make as many of them as possible will lead to long term success.

Here we will give you some tips and tricks on activities and training that you can give to your Bloodhound that should help make sure there as cuddly and affectionate as possible. Do not however do anything in a hasty or aggressive manner as this will harm your bond with them. Patience is probably the most important thing for you to possess for you and your dog’s long term social health.

How Do Bloodhounds Show Their Affection for You?

How do you know if your Bloodhound has affection for you? Well, there are quite a few signs of your dog’s love. Each Bloodhound will however have their own unique ways of expressing their love for you.

  • Bloodhounds will lick you: This is common among many breeds of dogs, but Bloodhounds, in particular, will lick you if they like you. While some people may not like their dog licking them which is quite understandable. It’s important to note though that a dog’s tongue has many anti-bacterial properties. So it can actually be healing for you.
  • Getting excited when you come home: If your Bloodhound gets up excitedly wagging their tail and maybe baying. Then you can be pretty sure that they love you and this is their way of expressing that affection. In fact, expect this kind of behavior from a Bloodhound even if you just left for 15 minutes.

Don’t Confuse Affection With Obedience

Sometimes people think that an obedient Bloodhound is an affectionate one. That if your dog doesn’t obey you then it means they don’t like you. But nothing could be further from the truth. This is especially true for Bloodhounds.

This breed of hound dogs are known for being very independent. It comes from their many generations of being hunting dogs. So they may not always listen to you and you shouldn’t trust them outside off-leash. With their high powered nose that’s a recipe for disaster as any smell could cause them to leave you eating their dust.

Even though they may not always listen or obey you. It does not mean that your Bloodhound doesn’t have affection for you and wants to cuddle.

How to Get Your Bloodhound to Be More Affectionate and Cuddly

There are a few things that you can do to really get your Bloodhounds affection for you to shine out along with all of their playfulness and cuddliness. They may not be right for every Bloodhound and human pairing but they are some basic good advice.

  • Spend more time with your Bloodhound: Dogs love hanging out with their people. Bloodhounds especially so as despite their independent nature they also have a lovable teddy bear inside them just yearning for love and attention. By spending more time with your Bloodhound it will make them feel safer and more at ease with you, which will lead to displays of affection and cuddliness.
  • Be patient with them: this of course doesn’t mean that you should never scold them when they do something bad. But it’s important to realize that sometimes your Bloodhound will need some alone time and to respect that. This will increase their trust in you and your mutual bond together.
  • Socialize your Bloodhound: Socialization is probably the most important part of dog training. By giving your Bloodhound lots of positive social experiences with different kinds of people and different places. This will help them to feel more confident in the world around them. A socially confident Bloodhound is much more likely to show affection and be up for cuddles.
  • Give your Bloodhound lots of exercise: Sometimes dogs are too energetic to settle down for a good cuddle session. A good solution to this problem is to wear them out a bit with exercise. It doesn’t have to be a lot, just a brisk thirty-minute walk should be plenty. This will help burn off some of your Bloodhounds excess energy making them more willing to engage in cuddles.

Are Bloodhounds Playful? Here Are a Few Playful Ideas for Your Bloodhound

Play is a great way to increase your bond with your Bloodhound. It often provides high-quality exercise for your dog as well as helping them to calm down. Here are a few game ideas to help get you started but truly the sky is the limit when it comes to thinking up fun ways to spend time with your Bloodhound.

Bloodhounds Love to Play With Water Hoses

If you have a yard then this can be an amazing way of showing affection for your Bloodhound. These dogs just love water, especially swimming in it, but a water hose will make a suitable replacement for a pool.

There aren’t any complicated rules for this game just get a water hose and start spraying it into the air. It’s literally that simple. You just might want to make sure that the water isn’t too cold( best to do on a hot summer day) or that the water pressure isn’t too hard. Also, make sure to pay attention to your Bloodhound’s response as while most of them will love this game there might be a few who don’t.

The key idea of the game is that your Bloodhound will jump and try to catch the water in their snouts. You don’t really want to directly hit them with the water you just want to kind of tease them with it. To make the game more fun and challenging you can then change the direction of the spray. This will really help to bring out your Bloodhound’s playful nature.

Bring Out Your Bloodhounds Playful Nature at the Dog Park

Taking your Bloodhound for regular visits to the dog park is a great way to show them the affection they deserve. Plus once it is all over they will most likely be tired out enough for some great Bloodhound cuddles. This is also a great way to help socialize your dog thus you can bring down two birds with one stone.

At the dog park, your dog will get the chance to meet a lot of other dogs and people. This will acclimate them to a variety of different situations helping to calm them down. Reducing any canine anxiety they might have. Also, you can play a great game of fetch with your Bloodhound. Having a lot more space at the dog park then you likely would have in your own backyard.

Get Your Dog a Kong Chew Toy

Kongs are an amazing toy for any dog. They can provide literally hours of fun and enjoyment. Plus they can get your dog out of your hair for a bit to give you some time to cool off.

This particular kind of chew toy is renowned for engaging your dog’s mental capacities as well as their chewing muscles. The way it works is you place some treats or your dog’s own kibble into the kong. Then your dog has to roll it around and work at it to get to the yummy treats inside.

This will engage your Bloodhound’s playful nature and keep them occupied for quite a while. It’s a great toy to keep your dog company if you have to be gone for a while and your worried they might engage in destructive habits while you’re gone.

Bloodhounds Love to Play Chase

An old classic that you can always use to bring out your Bloodhounds’ playful nature is the game of chase. It’s pretty simple to play and your dog will understand the rules intuitively. Several things are achieved in this game. It will show your affection for your Bloodhound while also giving them a good source of exercise.

The hardest part will be getting the game started to begin with. The best way to get going is actually for your dog to initiate the game. The key is being able to spot when they’re ready to play. Look out for when your dog is excited and darting to and fro. This probably means that your Bloodhound is open to playing a game of chase with you.

The game may also possibly involve an object of some sort. With my own dogs, this object often comes in the form of a dishtowel. The dog grabs the towel and then you humorously chase them around trying to get it back. Run fast enough to keep them excited but not so fast that you actually catch them. Doing this you should be able to produce a good ten minutes of playful affection with your Bloodhound.

Final Words

These are just a few ideas to help you get started building your relationship with your Bloodhound. Every Bloodhound mommy and daddy hopes that their dog will show them loving affection c combined with the occasional cuddles. Instigating consistent play with your bloodhound is an essential aspect of this as well.

There are literally an infinite number of ways to play, cuddle, and show your Bloodhound affection. The most important thing is that you make a consistent effort with love and patience. Do this and it’s almost guaranteed that you will get to see just how affectionate your Bloodhound can be.

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