Are Boston Terriers Good With Kids? Complete Guide For Parents

A Parent's Guide

Boston Terriers are charming small dogs. With their dapper cheerful personality, it might seem obvious that they would be good with kids. But there are many factors that can affect the relationship. Being such a small dog, children will still seem quite large to them. Depending upon the age and personality of the child this could cause problems. So are Boston Terriers good with kids?

A smart intelligent breed, Boston Terriers can be very energetic though this can be tamed with training. They are naturally good with kids, but due to their small size children must be taught not to be too rough with them.

Bostons are the charmers of the dog world. Words like gentleman, lady, and dapper apply well to them all. There can be a range of temperaments, however. With some being more hyper and jovial, while others could be on the more placidly calm side. Your particular Boston’s personality, as well as that of your child, could have a large effect on the success of the relationship.

Some things to be aware of concerning Boston Terriers:

  • Some Bostons can be hyperactive: Consider your family’s lifestyle and circumstances. They will need play and stimulation otherwise that energy could be directed towards destructive ends.
  • A very polite dog: This breed is known for their politeness. Part of why they’re often considered handsome gentleman and ladies. They will be polite both towards other people and pets. Towards children, they will be polite as well but you have to make sure that your kids will return it.
  • Loves to play: Boston Terriers love playing all manner of games. Their favorite usually being those involving balls. This can make them a great dog for slightly older and respectful children. Very little kids have to be watched out for as their capable of hurting and upsetting the Boston by making untoward actions.
  • Bostons are prone to flatulence and other unflattering noises: They can’t help but expect all manner of noises such as sniffling, snoring, snorting, and a bit of slobber. Many people will feel that this just adds to the charm of the breed. It might, however, be a turn off to others.
  • Can be quite difficult to housebreak: Expect a certain amount of accidents to take place inside the house. Consistent potty training will be a must this is not the type of dog that takes to potty training naturally.

Boston Terriers Can Have Difficulties With Small Children and Babies

For older kids, Bostons will make some of the best companion dogs. The real problems tend to arise with the very wee ones. Little kids often can poke, prod, and pull on things. It’s just a part of being a baby growing up in the world. They want to explore and experience, sometimes throwing caution to the wind.

A young kid could definitely pull on the Bostons cheeks, ears, or tail. Being such small dogs they won’t have the same patience with such behavior that one might find from a larger breed of dog such as the Great Pyrenees or Bernese Mountain Dog. So you have to account for these things.

Boston Terriers are so small that even what might seem like slight disturbances and invasions of their bodily autonomy might be a big deal to these little guys. While they’re unlikely to ever start a scuffle themselves, if they feel backed into a corner by a child’s harassment they can very easily lash out and bite. This won’t come out of any aggression from these generally polite and charming dogs. But instead will come from a place of fear. Even a small child could hurt them if they don’t know any better.

So with young kids and babies, you should never leave them with the dog unsupervised. It’s best to watch out over any interaction and make sure that you teach the kid as much as possible how to treat the dog.

This will include the following:

  • No Pulling on the dog’s appendages: This includes their ears, cheeks, tails, and legs. Doing these things could lead to an unfortunate bite.
  • Never ride the dog: While you might see some videos of kids with their parent’s encouragement mounting a bigger dog, you definitely can not do this with a Boston. Never let your kid get on top of them. This could lead to harm to both your dog and child.
  • All interactions of small children with the dog should be supervised: If you need to leave the room then take the baby or dog with you. Make sure they’re separated unless your watching over them. The chances of a terrible accident are too great otherwise.
  • Don’t let your kid awaken the dog suddenly from slumber: Being startled awake from a deep sleep by a loud precocious toddler can be very upset for a dog. In the fog of drowsiness, the Boston terrier might last out with their teeth before they even know what’s happening.

Socializing your Boston Terriers to Get Along with Children

Even dogs that have extreme people loving temperments naturally still need socialization. While the genetics of a breed does have a large effect on how they interact with people. How you raise them still has a much larger effect.

Socialization should begin on your Boston terrier from a young age. Ideally, as soon as you get them and they have their first shots they should be introduced to people. This would include your friends, extended family co-workers, and neighbors. You’re going to want to try to get up to 50 people in the first month.

These early months are the most crucial time for socialization. Children need to be included in this. These fun childish play times should be in a controlled setting supervised by you. Have your own kids interact with the dog and their friends depending upon your children’s age.

There should be no problem with older responsible children. It’s mainly those who are still yet too young to fully understand things that you have to be concerned about.

Having kids bribe your Boston with treats can be an excellent way to make sure the relationships get off on the right paw.

Take Your Boston Terrier to the Dog Park

Dog parks can be great on many levels. For a naturally kind and sociable dog like a Boston, the advantages of a dog park are only multiplied. You can literally solve three problems at once with one visit to the dog park.

  1. Great place for your dog to meet kids in a controlled setting: Dogs parks can be amazing places for your dog’s socialization. Especially with kids. Being outside your dog is less likely to feel cornered and trap. Plus the children at the park will likely be older and will know something of how to properly behave around dogs as they are likely to be there with their own canine.
  2. Lots of doggie friends can be made: Along with getting to meet kids, your Boston Terrier will also gain the chance to make friends with those of their own kind. Lots of wonderful dogs make their way through the park at all times. Your little gentleman will get to meet them all if you take them often enough. Though Boston terriers don’t usually have problems with other dogs, it’s still important they get out and make friends with some.
  3. Great place for exercise: Your dog’s energy levels will likely be high. Home and walks may not be enough to take the edge off their puppy energy spikes. At the park, they can run and run to their heart’s content. This will make them calmer and more at ease helping chill them out for interacting with kids.

Owning a Boston Terrier Can Benefit Your Kid

For older respectful children there are many great advantages and benefits to Boston Terrier ownership.

  • They will always have a fun playmate: The upside of the Bostons prodigious energy levels is that they’re always down for a good game of fetch. Balls are one of their favorite items. Expect your dog and kid to have hours of fun just throwing balls around and seeing your spirited Boston chase after them gloriously.
  • Pet dogs improve kids’ relationships with their friends and parents: Having a wonderful dog companion as a kid can be a great boon. They’ll always have someone to talk to and give a willing ear. Children who feel close to their pet dog can cope with stress better and have an easier time bonding with others.
  • Boston Terriers can teach kids responsibility: Taking care of a dog can be a real challenge at times. kids that are ready for it can learn a lot. Feeding the dog, cleaning up after it, and providing it the love and care it deserves can be one of the best character builders for a growing young man or woman. It will boost their self-esteem and their feelings of their own capabilities.


Boston terriers can make great family dogs. Their kind, jovial loving disposition practically guarantees it. They have a natural love of children, great games, and spending time with their families. They are however small dogs and so one should be careful with very small children.

Train and socialize your Boston Terrier with kids, people, and other dogs, but be a little extra careful with babies and toddlers. Ensure that all interactions between little kids and your dogs are watched over with a careful idea. But older kids should find a terrific playmate in a Boston. Take good care of them and you should have a life long friend.

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