Are Great Pyrenees Affectionate and Cuddly?

Are Great Pyrenees Affectionate?

Anyone who owns or wants a Great Pyrenees has probably wondered if they are affectionate and cuddly. It’s an important question to ask as not all breeds of dogs are naturally affectionate. Of course, a dog’s tendency to cuddle is not regulated by genetics alone. How they are raised and trained plays a big role as well. Also, the amount of trust that has been built up between owner and dog is probably the largest determining factor. After all, you wouldn’t just want anyone to come up to you and hug and cuddle you, it’s no different with Great Pyrenees.

Great Pyrenees are big fluffy dogs that love to cuddle and be affectionate with their family. How affectionate and cuddly they are will vary based upon their individual personality. A Great Pyrenees will show their affection with nuzzling, licking, snuggles, and asking for pets. These dogs have huge hearts that they must express with love.

While in general Great Pyrenees are very affectionate and prolific cuddlers. Not every example of the breed will be. Some will just be more naturally loving than others.

Genetics can play a big part in how affectionate a breed of dog is. With Great Pyrenees the cards are stacked in favor of affectionate cuddles. Having originally been bred as livestock guardians gives them an instinctive protectiveness over their family. This often manifests in a loving and playful nature.

The biggest factor however will be the kind of socialization that they received in the earliest months of their puppyhood. Generally, the first four months of a dog’s life is their most formative. This is when they’re most open to learning new habits and tricks. As well as when their key fears, dislikes, and likes develop.

This is your best time to ensure that your Great Pyrenees grows up to be a cuddly and affectionate companion. You want to socialize them as much as possible. Giving them a large variety of fun positive experiences while also trying to reduce any negative ones.

In this article, we will try to provide you with the best knowledge to help ensure that your relationship with your Great Pyrenees thrives. There are various tips and tricks that can help you bring out your Great Pyrenees affectionate and playful nature.

How Do Great Pyrenees Express Their Affection for You?

How can you be certain that your Great Pyrenees has affection for you? Fortunately, these dogs are not subtle, while they do have some subtle cues mostly if they love you they will probably bowl you over with their affection. Luckily for most people, a Great Pyrenees only needs to be loved and cared for the express affection in return. In fact, even if nobody else loves you I can almost guarantee a Great Pyrenees will. Here are a few signs however that can help you be confident of your dog’s love.

  • Some Great Pyrenees will show their affection by licking you: Many breeds of dogs will use their tounges to show love. Though some humans may not like it and be afraid of germs. Be assured that a dog’s tongue is actually a powerful antiseptic. That way they will lick injuries, It’s their canine form of Neosporin.
  • Getting hyper when you come home: Even if you only left for a short amount of time don’t be surprised if your Great Pyrenees nearly knocks you over with affection. As soon as you cross the threshold they will be bounding towards you, tail a-wagging while possible barking excitedly. Depending upon how vocal they are.

Don’t Confuse a Great Pyrenees’s Affection With Their Obedience Level

It can be quite easy for people to confuse affection with obedience. The idea is that if a dog obeys your commands then that must mean they love you. While this can be true to a certain extent it’s not completely true. Some dog breeds are simply more independent than others. This includes Great Pyrenees who due to their breeding tend to be more strong-willed and independent than most other breeds of dog.

So while a Great Pyrenees can be trained to be obedient don’t think that just because they don’t always come when their called that it means they don’t have affection towards you.

How to Get the Most Affection and Cuddles Out of Your Great Pyrenees

You do have a certain amount of control over the level of cuddliness and affection that your Great Pyrenees feels towards you. By this, I mean that there are tips and tricks that you can do with your Great Pyrenees to really get their playful and cuddly nature to shine forth. Not every tip will apply to every human-dog relationship but many of them will often work with any pairing. Think of them as simply some ideas that you can try out to increase the amount of affection present in the bond between you and your dog.

  • Spend more time with your dog: The phrase that absence makes the heart grow fonder doesn’t really apply when it comes to canines. Dogs just love being around their family. This couldn’t be more true when it comes to a Great Pyrenees whose bond with their family means everything to them. By spending lots of time playing and just hanging out with your Great Pyrenees this will naturally cause them to feel more affectionate towards you.
  • Patience is key to trust: Trust is the single most important word when it comes to how affectionate and cuddly your Great Pyrenees is with you. A dog that trusts you is going to show a lot more love versus one that feels distrust. Being patient and respecting your dog’s boundaries is an important part of building up that trust. There will be times when your Great Pyrenees simply wishes to be left alone. Even though you may always want to cuddle with them the same may not be the other way around. You have to respect them as an individual and not just treat them as your personal stuffed teddy bear.
  • Give your Great Pyrenees lots of socialization: A dog that’s poorly socialized will have a much harder time trusting people, including you. They will feel much more nervous in social situations with both people and other dogs. This of course will lead to negative results. So make sure that you take your Great Pyrenees out to parks and have play dates with other people and dogs. This will make your dog more confidant plus doing experiences like this with them will naturally lead them to trust that you have their own best interest at heart.
  • Give your dog lots of exercise: At first glance, it may not seem like exercising a Great Pyrenees would play a strong part in their level of affection and cuddliness. But believe it or not, it does. The simple fact is that a dog that’s couped up all day will be much more hyper and when they’re hyper they won’t want to lay down and have a cuddle session with you. By giving your Great Pyrenees lots of good exercise you help to bring those energy levels down. This will then naturally lead your Pyrenees to be more affectionate and open to cuddles.

Are Great Pyrenees Playful? Here Are a Few Playful Ideas for You and Your Great Pyrenees

With play, you can give your Great Pyrenees lots of good exercise as well as build up your bond with them. While just using your creativity and your knowledge of your dog’s personality can lead to a near-infinite set of games to play. Here are just a few ideas you help get you and your dog started.

Great Pyrenees Love to Play With Water

Unfortunately, this will only really work if you have a backyard of your own. But if you do then this game definitely applies to you. Most dogs love to play with water hoses and a Great Pyrenees is no exception. Of course, there will be a few individual dogs that will dislike the game. If your Great Pyrenees is one of them then go ahead and skip this section.

There are no complicated rules that you have to follow to play this game. All you need is some space to run around, a water hose, and of course your Great Pyrenees ready to play. You will however want to make sure that the weather isn’t too cold. Summer is the best time to play in this way and will be when your Great Pyrenees will most appreciate the cooling effect of the water. Pay close attention to your dog’s response to the water from the hose to always make sure they’re having fun.

The main idea with this game is to spray a gentle stream of water from the hose and your Great Pyrenees will playfully jump around to try to catch it. Try to spray the water away from your dog to get them to chase it around. You usually want to avoid spraying it directly at them as this could be too uncomfortable. Change the direction of the spray frequently to add some extra challenge and really bring out your Great Pyrenees’s playful nature.

Also, make sure that you dry off your Pyrenees once your done playing. Wetness and your dog’s fluffy coat do not make a good pair. Leave your white fluffy dog wet and expect a malodorous odor soon. So be sure to dry off after water play.

Play With Your Great Pyrenees at the Dog Park

Developing a habit of frequent visits to the dog park is a good idea for any canine owner. The exercise, play, and socialization will do wonders for both your Great Pyrenees mental and physical health. It can be very good for you the owner as well. As it gives you a chance to go outside and possibly make new friends.

Plus at a dog park, you can play a lot of games with your Great Pyrenees that you can’t really pull off simply in your backyard. Needless to say that if your an apartment dweller then dog park visits will probably be practically mandatory.

Get Your Great Pyrenees a Kong Chew Toy to Play With

One way to up your Great Pyrenees playfulness is to make sure that they have plenty of toys. Now there are literally hundreds of toys that will provide your white fluffy dog with hours of play and enjoyment. The one that I have found to be one o the best however are kong chew toys. These toys are great because they not only entertain your dog but also work their mental muscles.

The reason why is that kongs are chew toys that you can hide your dog’s favorite treats inside. This causes them to have to work out how to get into the toy to get to the treats. It’s very easy to imagine your Great Pyrenees getting hours of play out of one of these toys. of course their available in a variety of shapes and colors so you can make sure that you have the one that your dog will like best.

This type of toy is perfect if you have a busy schedule where you will not always be able to personally play with your Great Pyrenees as much as they deserve. Just stick a few doggie treats inside your kong and throw it on the floor and let your Great Pyrenees go to town on it. This won’t be a perfect replacement of yourself but it should make your dogs life a lot less boring.

Great Pyrenees Love to Play Chase

Believe it or not, you don’t necessarily need any fancy toys to bring out your Great Pyrenee’s playfulness. Sometimes the oldest and simplest games are the best. This includes the old classic of chase. A simple game where you chase your Great Pyrenees around the house or yard playfully. Once the game has started it’s easy to keep it going. But sometimes it can be challenging to discover that starting spark.

The most important thing is to keep your eyes peeled for when your Great Pyrenees shows that they’re interested in playing. If you see them jumping around and wagging their tail, maybe with a bit of barking. Then the chances are that they want to play chase. Just playfully run towards your Great Pyrenees and see if they scaddle away from you. If so then the game is on.

Sometimes the game may be based around an object of interest. Like a chew toy or a bone. A simple towel that you don’t need can work excellently for this. Let your dog know that if they pull on the towel and run with it then you will chase them. With my dogs, I liked to call this the initiation of the merry game of chase.

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