Are Samoyeds Good With Kids? (With Videos)

Are Samoyeds Good With Kids?

Can the high-energy Samoyed get along with children? It’s a good question to ask if you’re a parent. Choosing the right breed of dog for a family can be difficult. You need to think about the size and your family’s lifestyle, which is especially important when dealing with energetic dogs like Samoyeds. The temperament of the dog plays an important part as well. So are Samoyeds good with kids?

Samoyeds are a hyper dog with boundless energy. Friendly and personable, Samoyeds can be a great family dog for those with kids. A note of caution, though is that they might be difficult with small children due to their rowdy boisterous nature.

Samoyeds are a sled dog breed. Due to this, their energy is seemingly unending. This can cause problems for more sedentary families, as well as those with very small children. Of course, the age of the dog matters a lot and can definitely change a person’s experience.

A very playful dog, they would make a fun companion for a somewhat older child who has the energy to match these elegant snow dogs.

Much of your families experience with this dog, as with all dogs, will depend upon the training and socialization you give. Along with many other factors in addition.

Some very important points for helping Samoyed’s be good with kids are the following:

  • Socialization: With any dog, a lot of who they grow up to be will be determined by their socialization. How many people they have met, who they were, and what the experience was like. These are the things that shape a dog’s personality built over their natural temperant given to them by their genetics.
  • Training: Its crucial that you train a dog well. One lacking training will struggle to get along with people, and it could lower their quality of life. With children, this becomes all the more important. Samoyeds, in particular, can be prone to energetic chasing of children with a bit of nipping included. Obviously you’re going to need to train them not to do this as much as you can.
  • Excercise: Samoyeds have so much energy that they have to be walked extensively in order to grant any kind of insanity. They are the hyperactive children of the dog world. Always running like the roadrunner or the energizer bunny. Before getting a samoyed for a family with kids make sure that you can handle the exercise needs of this breed.
  • Rules for kids: All dogs have limits of what they will tolerate before there are problems. Samoyeds are no different. Admittedly they are very playful and happy go lucky. But there are still certain things that children should never do to a dog.
  • The benefits of kids owning a Samoyed: There are many wonderful aspects of the relationship between a kid and their dog. Samoyeds, in particular, some unique benefits that they can bring to your child. Their playful energy will help make sure your kids are never without a friend eager to join in the game.

Socializing a Samoyed With Kids

Dogs respond well to things that they have experience positively in the past. This can include food, people, and places. A set of bad experiences or no experience at all can lead dogs to express fear and a fearful dog can potentially hurt someone or themselves.

In this particular case, we want to make sure that we socialize our Samoyed to be good with kids. A Samoyed that gets along well with children will be a sheer joy to own. This job is made somewhat easy because the samoyed is already hardwired to like people. Though this shouldn’t be used as an excuse not to expose them to lots of people and situations including children.

Ideally, you’re going to want your Samoyed puppy to meet 50 people in the first month. Since children are the concern, you should especially include kids in the bunch. Encourage your own children to play and have fun with the samoyed as much as possible. You can also add to the pool by spreading this encouragement to your children’s friends as well.

All this expose to kids will help your Samoyed to fall in love with them. I mean they’ll probably love them anyway but still, we should do some work to make sure.

Here are some other ways to socialize your Samoyed with children:

  • Take them for walks around the neighborhood: This won’t just give them exercise but they will get a chance to meet people. Don’t be surprised though if your walk is often interrupted by random strangers love bombing your samoyed and commenting on how beautiful they are.
  • Dog parks are great for socialization: A good local dog park can be an excellent way to burn off your Samoyed’s most excessive energy levels. Nothing quite like running at full gallop down an open field. Meeting other dogs at the park will allow them to make doggie friends and help with their socialization. You also might make friends with other people in the park.
  • Have children bribe them: Bribery works wonders. Especially when it comes from Samoyed’s favorite friends. Have kids, yours and other kids if their up for it, give treats to your Samoyed. This will give them fond happy experiences which will help lead your Samoyed to be good with kids.

Training Your Samoyed to be Good With Kids

The biggest issue with a Samoyed and kids will be their exuberant energy. An untamed Samoyed could easily knock a small child down, causing them harm. The Samoyed doesn’t mean to but without a good bit of training this could easily be the result.

Training a Samoyed has both advantages and disadvantages. For one their highly intelligent, ranking around one of the smartest dogs, so this will mean that they will pick up on things quickly. But they are also extremely stubborn. So even if they know what you want them to do they may not agree. This can make training them rather hard at times.

Some important aspects of their training are the following:

  • Use positive reinforcement training: Don’t use negative methods of training. This will have bad results with spitz-type breeds of which the Samoyed belongs. Encourage and reward good behavior with love and treats. While redirecting negative behavior.
  • Get your kids involved in the Samoyeds training: Dogs often will be more obedient to the person training them. This means that your dog might obey you but not someone else. Obviously you’re going to want your samoyed to be obedient towards your children. So get your kids involved, have them help train the dog. This will increase their bond with your dog as well as spreading the work load out.
  • Train them not to jump: This can be an immensely difficult task with a Samoyed. But somewhat doable. Most of the problems with this breed will come from their jumping. Its what gets them into trouble probably 90% of the time. So cut that out, any time they jump on you push them off forcefully but not too forcefully. While also saying “no jump!”, hopefully with consistency they will get the picture.
  • Don’t let them into the kitchen or wherever the children eat: Dogs are opportunistic eaters. In fact, they can be compared to a food vacuum or garbage disposals so eager and variable is their appetite. Kids, on the other hand, can be messy eaters. Spilling large amounts of crumbs on the floor, while this can be good as long as the food is okay for dogs. Sometimes this may involve things that are toxic to canines like chocolate for example. So consider possible blocking off your Samoyed from the kitchen when kids are eating.

Things That Kids Should Never do to the Samoyed

Most of these rules are not just specific to Samoyeds but actually should probably be followed for all dogs. Children can be rather rowdy and sometimes accidentally cruel. That don’t realize what they are doing is wrong because sometimes they can see a pet as an object like a toy. It’s important that they understand that the Samoyed is a living creature who can feel pain and annoyance. Failure to follow these rules could lead to an unfortunate bite.

  • Kids should never ride the Samoyed: With the size of Samoyeds it could prove tempting to younger children to attempt a ride. This should never be done. One, it could bring harm to the child as the Samoyed runs off in a hurry leaving the kids flat on their back on the ground. The other is it could hurt the dog, Samoyed were made for pulling sleds not carrying loads on their back.
  • Kids should never pull on the Samoyed’s tail or ears: A good way to explain these things to a child is to have them imagine if somebody were to do it to them. This helps to trigger their childish empathy. Nobody likes their ears to be pulled, nor their tails even though humans don’t have tails. It hurts the dog and they could lash out at the child in a fear response, that might include biting.
  • Don’t wake up the dog from a cold slumber: People don’t like just being loudly awoken from out of nowhere. Samoyeds are no different. Wake one up straight from sleep while being right in their face, a place kids tend to like being, and they might be so startled that their inner protective instincts kick in once again possibly with a bite.

If your children or their friends arent able to follow these rules, then you need to never leave them alone with the dog unsupervised. For both the dogs safety and theirs.

Benefits That Kids Get From Owning a Samoyed

  • Samoyeds teach kids patience: Owning a Samoyed can be frustrating at times. Chewing and scratching at things can be infuriating. By having to deal with these things and not being allowed to yell at the dog or hit them, helps children develop powerful coping skills with stress and obstacles. Not to mention being involved with training them to sit, walk on a leash and potty training could be a self-esteem booster for a kid. As they accomplish something quite difficult.
  • A Samoyed will teach your kid responsibility: If you make sure to get your kid involved in the raising of the dog, then they will have many tasks and chores to take care of, from feeding them to cleaning up after them. This will teach them hard work and joys of caring for someone other than themselves. These are important traits in today’s often callous world.
  • Samoyeds are a lot of fun for kids: While this may not be something that the dog teaches the kid but rather does with them. But Samoyeds can make the most playful of companions for children. When no one else wants to play I can almost promise you that a Samoyed will play with the kid no matter what!


While for some families with children they may do better with a more laid back breed like the Great Pyrenees or a Bernese Mountain Dog. But for the family with the energy and spunk, there are few better dogs than a samoyed. Rambunctious children will most certainly meet their match in this white fluffy energizer bunny of the dog world.

Of course, effort must still be made to make the relationship work. Have your kids involved in the Samoyeds training and socialization. Take them out for lots of walks and to the dog park as often as you get. Do these things with love and care in your heart and your samoyed will be the best companion. You will have answered for yourself the question are Samoyeds good with kids.

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