Can Basset Hounds Live in an Apartment? A Complete Guide

A Complete Guide

When choosing a dog to live in an apartment there are a lot of factors to consider. Will the size of the dog you want fit into your living space, what are their exercise needs, and will they like it? Can a Basset Hound live happily in an apartment? With this guide, we will help you make the best of apartment living with your Basset Hound.

Basset Hounds make great apartment dogs. Their energy levels are low making them easy to manage with a bit of training. Medium or even small apartments should be able to accommodate their smaller size. Barking and baying however should be a concern. Make sure that your walls are thick and maybe talk to your neighbors about it.

There are many factors to successful dog raising in an apartment. Fortunately, Basset Hounds will be one of the easier breeds for happy living. But guidance is always good. The more knowledge you have the better prepared you will be for whatever life throws at you.

This guide will cover all of your needs, from choosing the best pet-friendly apartment, to how to talk to management, to recommended exercising and socialization. All of these will be covered. Plus some great toys and games to make sure that when you’re gone your hound is never bored. Read on for more details.

Dealing With Shedding

While Basset Hounds might not look like it, they can be prolific shedders, especially in the fall and winter months. Don’t let their short coats fool you, cause they can give off a lot of hair.

In an apartment, lots of hair flying may set off allergies or just your need to have a clean environment. Shedding is easier in a house as the fur is more dispersed. But in an apartment, it will probably get everywhere.

Fortunately with Basset Hounds, unlike furrier breeds like Huskies, there are some things that you can do about it.

  • Have a vacuum that’s good with pet hair
  • Brush your Basset Hounds coat once a week

Using a good vacuum that can just suck up all that fuzz can do wonders for your apartment’s self-esteem. It’s important though to check on the vacuum’s specification and make sure it does well with pet hair. Not all vacuums can suck effectively at those thin strands.

Weekly brushing will save a lot of headaches. By combing your Basset’s fur, this will allow the hair to be shedded into a concentrated place, where it can then be promptly dumped in the garbage without you having to worry about it getting everywhere. Also, Basset Hounds love being brushed, its a form of snuggles for them equivalent to a person getting their back scratched. It might just become their favorite part of the day.


Without a yard, you’re going to need to take a more detailed interest in your dog’s exercise needs. Basset Hounds are not high energy dogs and they can develop weight problems easily. They just love food, with their strong noses and adorable disposition comes an insatiable love for all things yummy.

Lacking regular exercise their sensitive hips can become overburdened, leaving them more exposed to the ravages of aging later in life.

Despite thier small legs, these fellows can go quite the distance. Its their original purpose of hunting coming out. In the past they could cruise for long distances on the trail of their master’s prey. But now this makes them avid walkers if only given the chance.

A schedule of three 20 minute walks a day should satisfy their bladders and exercise needs. Just make sure you let them smell things along the way. Bassets live by their noses, it’s like their cellphone, telling them all the gossip and news in the area. You know, who peed where and what they had for breakfast. Without smells, life loses its luster. They lap up scents more eagerly than their doggie kibble at dinner time.

Basset Hounds Love Dog Parks

Dog parks can make a dog’s day. So much space, some parks stretch as far as the eye can see. Even a smaller park though will allow your hound to stretch those legs and bound down the grassy lanes as nature intended.

With fellow dogs by their side, they have no end of friends. Socialization is an important aspect of good dog ownership. If you are cooped up in an apartment all day with no dogs to bark with then life can become lackluster.

So take your Basset Hound to a local dog park. One of the advantages of living with a dog inside an apartment is that it forces you outside to seek adventure and good times. So an apartment bound Basset taken to the dog park may actually have a better life then one bound by a fenced yard all by themselves.

Of course, you also need to be a responsible park guest. Make sure to have a plastic baggie to clean up after your beloved hound. That way you can count on always being welcomed.

Barking Can Be a Problem

While there are few negatives to a Basset Hound living in an apartment, there is one major one. Bassets are quite the talkative fellows. Of course, they never whisper what they have to say. Instead, it is shouted in triumphal barks and mournful wails.

Being that Bassets are filled with so much love, you leaving the apartment without them could be a source of stress. They will cry and cry hoping that the vocalizations of their feelings might bring you back. While this devoted love might bring tears to your eyes, the loud barking could bring angry neighbors to your door.

Unfortunately, there is nothing humane that we can do to stop this barking. It’s far too ingrained in the breed. Basset Hounds were bred as hunting dogs and so this behavior is ingrained in them deeply to bray and howl to communicate with their pack members and human handlers. Muzzles are just sad and horrible. You wouldn’t want someone to tape your mouth shut, so don’t even think about it for your dog.

The best thing to do is to try to get an apartment with very thick walls. They do exist. I’ve seen apartments with parties to boombox turned up to 11, where no sound escaped outside unless the door was opened. So if you can ask around at complexes about how soundproofed their buildings are.

This is all fine and dandy if you’re looking for an apartment but what if you’re already stuck at the one you’re at? Then though it might take courage the best thing is to simply talk to your neighbors. While some people are rude, you might find yourself pleasantly surprised at how accommodating people can be. Especially when they have adorable Basset Hound eyes looking up at them.

I’m sure with a bit of quicking talking and perhaps an introduction to kindly Fido, that some kind of arrangement can be worked out.

Choosing an Apartment for Your Basset Hound

Sure some people might say choose a dog for your apartment. But that’s lame, I say choose an apartment for your dog. After all, apartments are just buildings, but a dog is a lifelong loyal companion.

When choosing an apartment for your Basset Hound there are four important considerations:

  • What is the apartment’s pet policy? This is perhaps the most important part of choosing an apartment for your dog. After you don’t want to live somewhere where your lovable companion isn’t appreciated. Many complexes have certain size restrictions, that you should be aware of. Fortunately, Basset Hounds should fall within them in most places.
  • Are there good dog parks and walking trails in the area? Being that basset hounds like to get around. You don’t want to live somewhere that has a dog park miles and miles away. Right next door would be ideal. But that’s not always possible so try to pick a complex that has dog parks and awesome trails nearby.
  • Thick, thick walls. Hounds like to let the world know. Know what? That’s one of the great dog mysteries. But Basset Hounds have anointed themselves the messengers of sound. So when your baby wants to sing their song, it’s best if only you can hear it.

While this may not be all the considerations when choosing an apartment these are definitely the ones your dog will care the most about.

More Toys

Basset Hounds get very attached to their owners. So when they leave to do something, like go to their job. They get very sad. While nothing is a replacement for your presence. You can do a decent job of substitution with the best toys you can find.

In fact, the best dog owners may carry around with them a treasure chest of chew toys. You should endeavor to follow in their footsteps. Over time, gather around you as many toys and chewy items as you can. While some dogs will like some toys more than others, there’s no way to know what yours will prefer except to try a lot of them out.

This way when your gone and your hound is sad, they can immediately cheer themselves right back up again with some merry squeaking from a stuffed rabbit. Why toy rabbits squeak I don’t know but they do. Then when you come home after a long day of work, you will be greeted by the happiest Basset Hound ever, probably with a lot of toys strewn around though.

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