Can Great Pyrenees Live in Apartments? A Complete Guide

Can Great Pyrenees Live in Apartments?

Great Pyrenees are very large dogs. So anyone who owns one or wants to own one has to be asking if they can live in apartments? Surely they will be fine in a house, they’re a great breed of dog after all. But with a much smaller amount of space are they going to do okay?

Living with a Great Pyrenees in an apartment will be hard. But this is true for most dogs. Whether it can be done or not will depend a lot upon how much time and energy do you have to invest in your dog. Without a yard, they will need to be walked at least twice a day, as well as bathroom breaks. Plus toys and other forms of entertainment will need to be provided. If you can manage this then you will succeed, but it will be tough.

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Generally, I wouldn’t recommend living in an apartment with a dog as large as a Great Pyrenees. But we don’t always have full control over our living situation and just because it’s not ideal doesn’t mean we should deprive ourselves of a loving dog relationship.

To make it work knowledge of some of the obstacles you will face is paramount. Here will be a complete guide to give you every tip imaginable so that you can keep your dog and yourself happy in an apartment.

Pros of Living With a Great Pyrenees in an Apartment

While it might seem that there would only be cons to living with a dog in an apartment, there are some advantages to be aware of.

One is that you won’t have to worry quite as much about separation anxiety. Pyrenees are loyal dogs who can be very attached to their owners. With an apartment, they will always know where you are in the house and feel reassured.

You will also by living in such close quarters possibly develop a stronger bond with one another. This does come with greater responsibility on your part. Being devoid of a yard to play in, your dog’s happiness will be all the more dependant upon you. Which could be a good thing or a bad one depending upon what you want from the relationship.

Cons of Sharing an Apartment with a Great Pyrenees

While the pros of the situation may not be that obvious, the cons are glaringly so.

Without a yard, you will need to be aware of when your dog needs to go to the bathroom. Even an adult dog will need to go several times a day. A puppy will be even worse due to their lesser bladder control

Failure to provide your dog with playful constructive activities could lead to destructive behaviors. Dogs can make great use of a yard to entertain themselves. In an apartment depending upon its layout, this won’t be available to you. The exception to this being an apartment with an enclosed patio of some kind.

Also, your apartment may have special rules restricting pet ownership. Some complexes for example only allow dogs below a certain weight size. This could mean trouble for a great Pyrenees. As any apartment with a size restriction will definitely forbid Pyrenees ownership since they’re so large.

What Are Your Apartment Rules?

If you’re trying to find an apartment to move to with your Great Pyrenees or if you already live in an apartment and want to have a Great Pyrenees, one of the first things to be concerned about is what the rules of the complex are.

Some apartment complexes don’t even allow pets. So if you’re looking for a new apartment or already live in one, you’re going to want to know what their pet policy is.

Even amongst those apartments that allow dogs, many also have certain size limits. I’ve noticed quite a few with rules limiting dogs to no larger than 35 pounds. But not all people seem to follow the rules and the complex doesn’t seem to care that much. It would be really sad though if you got a Great Pyrenees only to find out a few months later that you’re not allowed.

So make sure to check with the front desk or ask the owners/apartment manager before getting your new dog or choosing that complex.

Is Your Apartment Big Enough?

Besides knowing the rules of the complex you also have to consider how large the apartment is. Apartments come in many sizes and layouts. Some will simply be too small but others might be just right.

How much furniture you have and how you organize it, is something to consider as well. This is actually a good part. The way that you set up your apartment could easily change how space is available for your dog.

Keeping your space clean will give more space as well. Clutter can cause a lot of stress. Plus making a dog’s normal antics more destructive and potentially harmful to the dog. They could step on something while dancing around. This could destroy the object or even hurt their paw.

While some apartments will sadly be too small to hold a dog of this size, by arranging your furniture in certain ways and keeping it tidy, you can maximize your available space.

How is The Area Surrounding Your Apartment?

In addition to the size and rules of your apartment, you should also consider the quality of the surrounding area. Some places will have lots of parks and good walking areas. A location near a dog park would be ideal since your dog is going to be holed up inside all day, having good walking areas is a must.

Dog parks are the biggest lifesaver when it comes to apartment living. They give a large outdoor space where your dog can run around. Lots of great games can be had like fetch, frisbee, and catch. These will give your dog great exercise as well as bring lots of fun for you and your dog.

How to Care For Your Dog in an Apartment

Once you’ve chosen your apartment and you know its compatible with owning a Great Pyrenees, then there are still considerations of how to make your lives together as good as possible. This will involve training and being aware of special considerations

Give Your Great Pyrenees Lots of Attention

Great Pyrenees are very lovable dogs. They give love. But they also need a lot of love back. This breed is a very loyal and family-oriented breed. They’re not really self entertainers. So you’re going to need to help them not be bored.

Boredom can have a very negative consequence with a dog. It will make them more likely to engage in destructive behaviors, such as chewing on your shoes and other things. They also might bark a lot more which could upset your neighbors.

Make sure you provide your dog with lots of toys and safe to chew objects to keep them productively occupied.

Try to take them out for a walk at least twice a day. Regular walks can have very positive benefits for a dog’s psychological health. This also applies to them behaving well. A dog with regular walks is going to be a lot calmer and less troublesome.

Bathroom Breaks

A dog’s bladder has limits. They can only go so long before they absolutely need to go to the bathroom. For an adult dog, they will need to go to the bathroom about every 4 hours. 8 hours will probably be their extreme max. Not to mention some dogs aren’t as well potty trained and will go to the bathroom indoors at the slightest excuse.

While only you can know what’s best for your individual schedule, a good schedule might be to take them to the bathroom in the morning before work and then again right after work. Then another longer one in the evening before bed.

The ideal would be if your apartment has a nice fenced-in patio. While this shouldn’t be the solution all the time if your dog has an emergency and you don’t have the time to walk them you could let them out on the patio where they could do their business.


It will be tough living with a Great Pyrenees inside an apartment. Pyrenees are very large dogs and most apartments are quite small. Still, some apartments will be able to fit both of you. Of course with some good planning you can make sure the small amount of space is fully maximized.

Make sure that your complex will allow you to get have your dog. You don’t want to get into trouble and have to move or give the dog to someone else. That would be incredibly sad. So check on the rules and also look for good walking areas surrounding the complex.

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