Can Pomeranians Live in Apartments? A Complete Guide

Will the cute Pomeranian make a good apartment buddy?

Apartments are small, but Pomeranians are even smaller, so everything should be good, bringing home a Pomeranian to your apartment, right? Not so fast, size isn’t the only thing to consider before housing a dog in an apartment. Temperament can be critical. Energy levels are important as well; hyper puppies are going to be harder to manage than a slow older dog. How much time you have to spend with will matter a lot. A little Pomeranian puppy can get into much dangerous mischief. Being so small, they can get stuck somewhere or even choke on something.

Despite there being many factors to good canine living, Pomeranians are at the top of the list for apartments. Their small size means that even with low square footage, they should have plenty of space. Yet still, there will be training and other things to consider. You have to be able to take them for walks as well as frequent potty breaks. If all this is possible, then you and your tiny lion dog will live quite snuggly in your apartment.

While Pomeranians being so small means that space should be no issue, this can also have a disadvantage. Being tiny living in a world not made to fit you, can make for some dangerous circumstances. Poms can quickly get stuck and caught on things, with potentially hazardous results. So a strong element of supervision will be required.

Barking is another issue to take into consideration. Their tiny voices can carry further than you think due to their high vocal pitch. Higher pitched sounds can cut through other noises more powerfully than a lower pitch. So you need to keep your neighbors in mind.

If you have the time though then they can make great dogs for houses or apartments. But it never hurts to be as prepared as possible which this guide will try to help you with.

Make Sure Your Apartment Allows Dogs

In this enlightened age, most apartment complexes will gladly embrace dog owners as residents. Canine loving is probably at one of the highest points in human history, with dogs all around the world being owned by all kinds of people. Even so, not everyone is so fast on the uptake. Some complexes may simply not allow pets of any kind.

Armed with a cute Pomeranian, though, this should hopefully not be an issue. If you find it is, then there are plenty of complexes that will gladly take your business.

To find out how welcoming your apartment owners simply ask at the front desk, and they should help you promptly.

Location Matters

Having a welcoming residence isn’t the only consideration, wheres it located is important too. Living with a dog without a yard requires a bit more work. You’re going to need to take your Pomsky out on frequent walks. So you’ll want a place with some foot trails nearby—hopefully, nice shaded trees and lots of green space. The fun level will drop considerably if most of your walk is spent dodging cars.

While walking, your dog is half the battle; it can’t replace the ability to free run and play with a bunch of other dogs. For that, you’ll want a dog park. Of course, your probably not going to want to have to drive far. So your pomeranian can have their playdate. So apartments with great walking trails and near an awesome dog park are ideal.

Puppies Vs Adult Dogs

Keeping a pomeranian puppy in an apartment will be loads harder than an adult dog. This is true for several reasons.

Puppies Need More Bathroom Breaks

An adult dog will generally need to potty about 3-4 times a day. This can be quite daunting without a yard. As each time they gotta go, you are going to need to leash them up and take them outside manually. No automatic sliding door in an apartment.

While puppies, on the other hand, may need to go to the bathroom as often as every hour. An adult dog is easy compared to this. Of course, it would help a lot if you had a patio. Then your puppy could just do their business there.

If you have Pomeranian puppy though and no patio. Then you will probably want to train them to go on a pee pad. You should still take them out regularly though and just use the pee pad for emergencies. Otherwise, your little growing lion dog might just make the mistake of thinking any paper on the floor is their toilet.

Some people find greater success using a doggie litter box. Yes, litter boxes are not only for cats. For a small dog like the pomeranian, this could prove to be the perfect solution.

Pomeranian Puppies Take More Time

Puppies need lots of attention. This scales down when they get older. But in their earliest most formative months, they can be a huge timesink, a terribly cute one no doubt, but a timesink nevertheless. So make sure before you get your pom puppy that you have the time to dedicate to them. Some people will even take time off work just so that they can make sure that everything runs smoothly for their little fluff ball.

Puppies Can be Very Curious

Curiosity killed the cat as the saying goes. But if your not careful this could be true for dogs too. A pomeranian puppy will be curious about everything in their world. You, the neighbor and whats inside the dryer. This might not be so bad if they were bigger. But when you’re as small as a pomeranian it doesn’t take a lot to hurt you.

Poms can fit into the tiniest and tightest spaces where you never imagined going. Might soon see your hand reaching in to fish out your pom puppy. They can get anywhere. Just like new parents spend time childproofing their home, you might want to puppy proof your apartment. Better safe than sorry, especially when you have such an adorable little charge.

Pomeranians Love Walks

Probably the best part about sharing an apartment with a Pomeranian is how many times you get to go walking. When you live in a house, with a yard, its easy to neglect this duty. But all dogs need regular walks. Whether they live in houses or apartments. The vast majority of negative dog behavior can be traced back to just one thing. Not enough walks.

Walking isn’t just good for your Pomeranian, it’s good for you too. Just check out this scientific study showing people with dogs experience better health. While some of it is the love and companionship, I bet getting more steps in plays a role as well.

Make sure your dog gets enough exercise. Try to schedule at least 3 20 minutes walks a day. It doesn’t matter when you do them, but you might want to space them out to correspond with necessary potty breaks. Your pomeranian might poop out before the 20 minutes pass. Though with a dog this small, all you gotta do is hug them and pick them up before carrying merrily on your way.

Make sure to bring the obligatory item of all public dog walkers. A good plastic bag for poop scooping.

Dog Parks Are the Best

While walks down the street are just grand. Nothing can beat running through a field, bereft of the leash, with the wind flowing through your fur. Fellow four-leggers bounding beside you. When you live in an apartment, only a dog park can provide your Pomeranian with these things.

Some dogs might be shy at first, but once they get into the habit, trips to the dog park become better than Christmas day. Many dog parks also will be divided in two. One park for the bigger dogs, and another for dogs around the size of your Pomeranian.

If the big guys intimated your friend then just hop over to the small dogs only side. Where your pomeranian can get to play with others at eye level. It will be one of the few times they’ll get that chance. After all much of their world is vastly bigger than they are. So don’t deny them that experience.

Pomeranian Shedding

In a house dog fur isn’t that big of a deal. Especially when you have a 9-pound Pomeranian. Don’t get me wrong, Pomeranians are fluffy and they do shed, but generally, it won’t be in the volume that you’d need to worry about that much.

Apartments are a bit different. Because they have so much less space, things can go flying through the airstream more. Like fur and pet dander. In these close quarters, it’s not as easy to escape or ignore it. Fortunately, its easily solved. Just get yourself a good pet comb and brush your pomeranian twice weekly.

Your allergies and clothes will thank you. Plus your Pomeranian’s beautiful coat will be all the shinier, and free of tangles too.

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