Can Shiba Inus Be Good Lapdogs?

Can Shiba Inus Be Good Lapdogs?

Shiba Inus are some of the most beautiful and desired canine companions today. They have lovely fur and a cute, hilarious disposition. But do Shiba Inus make good lapdogs? Many people who have gotten into Shiba Inus are probably asking this question. After all, with how cute and awesome they are, who wouldn’t want a Shiba Inu sitting in their lap?

Shiba Inus are at the right size to be a good lap dog. The max size they get is about 25 pounds, with many of them being a lot smaller than that. They’re incredibly cute, and their fur is out-of-this-world soft, making them a prime candidate for petting. However, Shibas are also hyper and known to be skittish. The simple fact is that some Shiba Inus can be lap dogs, but not all of them. Some of them may not have the personality for it. Shiba Inus are loving and affectionate in their independent way. However, they might be too wiggly to stay in the cuddling position for very long.

To understand whether a Shiba Inu will make the lapdog of your dreams, there are a few things to consider. First, we must understand the factors that determine the personality of a Shiba Inu.

Shiba Inus personalities are forged by a few key attributes:

  • Their socialization as a puppy
  • The continuing experiences that they accumulate as an adult dog
  • The base genetic personality mother nature gave them

The Shiba Inus genetic personality is that of an independent thinking hunter dog. They are very high energy levels and have an intense personality. These things alone, unfortunately, are not the prime traits one would look for in most lapdogs. However, there is one favorable trait that Shiba Inus possess, which is their immense loyalty to their master. Shiba Inus are sometimes considered one-person dogs. How they treat the person they consider their master can be quite a bit different from how they treat other people.

Despite their genetic personality, there are other traits that will affect their overall disposition. Their socialization and their training will also have a large effect on their personality. Most of their personality forms when they are very young, about the first 4 months of their life. However, they will continue to develop as they age. These first 4 months of life are the best time for you to lay the foundations of your Shiba’s disposition.

What Are the Reasons That Shiba Inus May Struggle to Be a Lapdog?

Your Shiba Inu may struggle to be a lap dog for a few reasons:

  • High energy levels: Shiba Inus are very high energy dogs. This goes back to their history of being bred in Japan to hunt birds. Catching birds is a very high energy endeavor, thus do we have the Shiba Inu agile and high energy. This same energy, however, can make them too wiggly to want to be still in someone’s lap while being petted. They may enjoy the pets, but, hey, it’s also time to jump around and do things.
  • An independent nature: Shibas are a very independent breed. They aren’t very needy, and you shouldn’t expect them to follow you around hanging upon your every word and glance. If you want a dog like that, you would probably do better with a golden retriever. Shiba Inus want to do, what they want to do, when they want to do it. Shibas live upon their own timeline, not yours, and this could interfere with them being a good lap dog.

Why Would A Shiba Inu Make A Good Lapdog?

Most likely, people want their Shiba Inu to become a good lap dog due to their cuteness and super soft fur. Most humans wouldn’t mind petting a Shiba Inu in our laps and basically dying from cuteness overload.

Shiba Inus are happy with pets in the right spot and way. They even have a cute way of laying their ears down, squinting, and showing off the adorably infamous Shiba smile.

They are a smaller dog, which at less than 25 pounds could be the perfect fit for anyone’s lap. I’ve known some extremely cuddly lap dogs but unfortunately, some of them were very large, even over 100 pounds. They loved cuddles but were too big. Fortunately for Shiba owners, this is not at all a problem for the little Shiba Inu.

So there’s no doubt that if a Shiba Inu is willing to cuddle and sit in your lap then they would indeed be an amazing lap dog.

The Best Ways to Get your Shiba Inu to be a Lapdog

While some of your Shiba Inus potential to be a good lap dog is determined by their breed genetics, a large part is also determined by how you socialize and interact with them as both puppies and adults.

Now there are of course limits to this. You can only alter the personality of a Shiba Inu so much. You will need to practice acceptance, but there is a lot of things in your control to influence them.

Here are three things that you can do with your Shiba Inu no matter the age that will increase your bond with them. Thus increasing their affection for you and their cuddliness.

Tire Them Out With Excercise And Play

One of the main reasons your Shiba Inu may not settle down and cuddle with you is because they’re filled to bursting with energy.

So one of the first things you should do is provide them with stimulating exercise and play.

Take them out for a walk frequently. Nice long walks that will get them out seeing the world, providing positive socialization, and tiring them out so they’re in a more cuddly mood.

You can also do some vigorous play. If your dog is fond of it, a riling game of fetch could serve very well. Alternatively, a lot of people have success with playing a game of chase or hide and go seek.

All of these activities will allow your Shiba to burn off some excess energy and increase the bond of affection between you and your pet dog.

Always Reward Your Shiba With Treats And Love

Shibas can be a bit skittish and aloof with people sometimes. This, of course, can be a huge barrier to the kind of close up affection you would want in a lapdog.

The way past this barrier is to reward your Shiba frequently when they do something good or obey a command. You might want to get in the habit of carrying around some of your Shiba’s favorite treats in your pocket.

Tips for Rewarding Your Shiba Inu

Whenever they sit or answer the command to come, give them a treat. Along with the treat give them lots of pets and tell them what a good dog they are in your best high pitched loving voice. You might be worried you sound a bit like a weirdo to somebody outside of the situation. But having a sweet, playful tone with your dog can be all the difference you need to step your bond up to the next level.

Another thing is to pay attention to how your dog responds to being petted at different places and in different ways. For some dogs being scratched behind their ears is the king spot of petting. But for another dog, it could be something else like having a stomach rub.

Pay attention to what your dog likes and try to use that form of petting more often than other kinds. This will show your dog that you are paying attention to them and listening and accepting them for who they are. This will increase their affection and trust for you, which is imperative to have a dog that is content to snuggle in your lap.

Spend Time With Your Shiba Inu

The last but certainly not the least suggestion is simply to spend time with your Shiba Inu. The more positive time you spend with your dog, the closer your bond of shared affection will grow.

Many owners of Shibas have found that the heart grows fonder with time. With some of them, their Shibas started out being quite aloof and mostly disinterested in their human’s cuddles and affection. But after some time with the two just being around each other in the same room occasionally interacting. Soon their dog began to grow to sit with them at the couch and like snuggling into their feet.

Some will even want to sleep in the bed with you if your up for that. So simply make time for your shiba inu and try to have as many positive interaction with them as you can.

Your dog may never completely become the ultimate lap dog but i promise you that with time, play, exercise, treats and love they will become much more of a lap than if they had been deprived of these things.

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