Do Basset Hounds Like to Dig? How to Stop It

One of the most adorable dogs on the planet is the droopy eared Basset Hound, but unfortunately, these dogs can like to dig. This can be a major frustration for any Basset owner. A lot of people put huge amounts of effort into their yards. If your such a person then your Basset Hound digging could be causing you to pull your hair out. Fortunately, there are solutions that you can follow. But first, we have to try to understand why do Basset Hounds dig?

It’s natural for a Basset Hound to dig holes. Originally being hunting dogs, when they dig they are imitating the habits of their ancestors. Often looking for small burrowing animals. There are many other reasons why Basset Hounds dig such as pregnancy, boredom, shelter, or of course hunting.

When trying to solve your Basset Hounds digging problem there are several things to be aware of. One dont punish or yell. When it comes to digging dogs will not understand these responses. By the time your upset about the hole they dug they have already forgotten they ever made it in the first place. So it’s like your just yelling at them for absolutely no reason.

Here are a few basic steps to follow when trying to get your Basset Hound not to dig:

  • First, remain calm and take a deep breath.
  • Observe where they are digging their holes and what they are doing with them.
  • Then based upon that determine why their digging.
  • Once you know why their digging then you know what you need to do to counteract the tendency.

Understanding the reason for your dog’s digging is really your first step. Dogs don’t just dig to ruin your yard, theirs a deeper underlying reason at fault. Being able to uncover that will be key to you being able to reduce the behavior.

Here are just a few possible reasons for your Bassets digging:

  • Boredom
  • Rodent infestation
  • Too cold or hot of weather without sufficient shelter
  • Pregnancy
  • They want to escape their yard

There are many more methods to stop a Basset Hound digging then there are reasons for it.

Here are just a few possible solutions:

  • Daily 30 minute walks
  • Visits to the dog park
  • Call pest control to remove the varmints
  • Make sure they have sufficient shelter and comfort when outside
  • A designated digging zone
  • Spend more time with them inside the house

It really helps though if you can pair your dog’s cause of their digging with the corresponding solution. The key to doing that is understanding what kind of holes they tend to dig. Read on to find out how to do that and a more detailed explanation of how to stop your Basset Hounds digging.

Boredom Can Cause a Basset Hound to Dig

A lot of dog problem behavior can actually be laid at the feet of boredom. When a dog doesn’t have enough mental stimulation, attention, and physical exercise then destructive habits can be the result. This can be especially true of Basset Hounds who have an innate tendency to dig.

Fortunately, there are many things that you the dog owner can do to alleviate this problem. In some ways, it’s the easiest thing to resolve. You need to honestly ask yourself how much attention does your dog receive? Does your yard have toys to distract them? How much time do they spend in the backyard alone?

If you find yourself answering yes to all or even some of these questions. Then the source of the digging may be a bored Basset Hound. Here are a few key strategies to help liven up the life of your canine companion.

  • Take them for daily walks: Walking your basset hound for at least 30 minutes a day can do wonders. For one it’s very good for their health and yours. In addition, it helps your dog to have positive socialization experiences along with burning off some of that extra nervous energy.
  • Take your dog to the dog park: Playing around other dogs can do a lot for their mood levels. Making new friends will help socialize them. Plus at a big dog park, which are usually bigger than most yards, they can run to their heart’s content. Something they may not fully be able to do at home, especially if your yard is on the smaller side.
  • Scatter some of their favorite toys around the yard: Yards can be quite barren and boring even at the best of times. With some great chew toys and maybe a few bones can do a lot to make your Basset Hounds life more interesting, helping to reduce their digging.

A Strong Prey Drive Could Be Causing Your Basset Hounds Digging

Basset Hounds were originally bred to hunt. One of the creatures that they would be used to hunt for were small burrowing creatures. Like rabbits, rats, mice, and many others. It’s possible that some burrowing varmints have decided to make your yard their new home.

A key way to know if your Basset Hound is trying to dig to flush them out is to look where their holes are dug. If you find a lot of them near the brush and trees. Then consider this a strong sign that your dog’s prey instincts are being triggered.

The best solution to this is to evict these burrowing creatures from your yard. You can do it yourself but I wouldn’t recommend it. Using such things as poison could backfire and actually harm your own dog. So best to call some professional exterminators who specialize in this sort of thing.

Hot and Cold Could Be Why Your Basset Hound Is Digging

The earths soil often has an insulating effect upon temperature. When its cold outside the dirt is warmer. Likewise, on a hot summer day, you can cool off somewhat in the ground. Modern day Basset Hounds are not always the most hearty of dogs. Unfavorable temperatures and weather conditions could lead your Basset to dig a hole for increased comfort.

You can make a good guess that this is their reason for digging by whether or not they tend to lay in the holes that they dug. To counteract this behavior provide your Basset with everything they need to be comfortable outside.

This can include plenty of shade and water during the summer. With them needing some sort of insulated shelter for the winter. Of course how much your dog needs these things depend a lot upon where in the world you live. Refer to this article about Basset Hounds living outside for more information.

Basset Hounds Will Sometimes Dig Because They Want to Get Out of the Yard

Maybe it could be a doggy friend on the other side of the fence or a smell trail that leads far off. Whatever the reason is, dogs sometimes want to leave their yard without their owner’s permission. In the case of Basset Hounds, this can often lead to them trying to dig under the fence.

If your finding holes near the fence line, butting up right against it. Then you can bet money on the fact that your basset hounds trying to dig their way out. This can be one of the trickier forms of digging as theirs not really any hard fast solution to it.

Generally, the best thing you can do is try to keep your basset hound entertained. Give them lots of love and attention that will help distract them from escape.

Besides that, you can also try to remake your fence so that it goes deeper into the ground. This will hopefully make your basset hound come to the conclusion that digging their way to freedom is ultimately futile. Doing this takes a lot of work, however. So I would only recommend it if you feel that their chance of escape is high.

Pregnancy Can Lead a Basset Hound to Dig

You might not already know this but pregnant dogs have a strong proclivity for digging. The reason is pretty simple and involves preparing a den for their future children.

These holes are usually dug near thick brush. With the idea being that the combination of the hole and brush will help protect the puppies from weather conditions. They also help keep them hidden from other animals that might have the thought of preying upon the young Bassets.

Theirs, not a lot you can do about this kind of digging other than patiently wait for your Basset Hound to deliver their puppies. The best thing is preventing your female basset hound from getting pregnant, to begin with. So if you see this kind of digging and the other explanations don’t explain the behavior. Then consider taking your Basset Hound to your most trusted veterinarian for a check-up.

If Your Basset Hound Just Loves Digging Then Give Them a Designated Place to Dig

Some Basset Hounds may like to dig just for digging sake. It might just be the wonderful feeling of the dirt beneath their paws. Combined with the immense canine pride that comes from a hole well dug. For these beloved trouble makers, you might need to bend a bit and fee their digging habit.

Pick out a location in your yard that you don’t mind being sacrificed to craters. Try to make it the absolute best place to dig, so that it pulls your Basset Hound away from any other location.

Put nice soft sand or dirt that just begs to be dug there. Maybe hide a few yummy bones and some awesome doggy toys. This will your basset hound some wonderful treasures to reward their digging. Even praise your dog for digging there. Wow, isn’t that a change actually praising and rewarding your dog for their digging. It’s much easier than fussing at them for it I promise you.

With a bit of good luck hopefully, your Basset Hound will only dig there and nowhere else in the yard.

Final Words

While digging can be a very frustrating doggy behavior, don’t feel overwhelmed take it step by step and try some of the strategies listed in this article. Figure out why their digging by seeing what kinds of holes are being dug. Then apply the corresponding solution.

Hopefully, it will work out well for you and your Basset Hound. No matter how much your basset hound might like to dig. If nothing works there is the solution of bringing your dog inside more often. This might actually make both you and your Basset Hound the happiest.

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