Do Bloodhounds Like to Dig? WHAT You Need to Know

Do Bloodhounds Like To Dig?

Bloodhounds are noble dogs, silly at times but beloved by everyone, do they also like to dig? This can be a good question especially if you have a nice yard that you would like to keep that way. Plus Bloodhounds with their love of tracking a trail with their nose, if they dig under the fence it could lead them following that trail onto a highway. So knowing your Bloodhounds digging proclivities and how to restrain them can be very important to know.

Bloodhounds are definitely dogs that like to dig sometimes. Not all will have these tendencies but with their high energy levels especially when young it’s not hard to have one that’s a digger. They can like to dig for a variety of reasons often having to do with finding animals and following their nose even underground.

While thats the short awnser their are actually a lot of other factors involved. Your Bloodhounds unique personality will play a big role but breed type can be a powerful influence.

Bloodhounds are keen trackers, and strong runners. This comes from their past life as hunting dogs for the french nobility. They would find and track the game with their long powerful legs providing the running power to keep up with their handlers horses.

This gives them a strong urge to seek out wildlife and follow them wherever they might go. In modern times this can often include following them underground.

Prey drive then will play a big part in your Bloodhounds digging. But this isnt the only key factor.

Their natural exuberance can lead to digging as well, especially if they feel bored and lonely. Digging, in that case, will then serve as a fun distracting activity that they can use to pass the time.

Besides their predatory instincts and their high energy levels, a range of other factors can be the cause as well ranging from pregnancy, seeking shelter from bad weather, or an urge to escape the boundaries of their yard.

Why Do Bloodhounds Like to Dig?

  • Your yard could have an infestation of rodents: Your Bloodhound could be trying to help you through their digging. It may be hard to believe that when your yard looks like a moonscape but it could be true.
  • Shelter: Excessively hot or cold temperatures could drive your Bloodhound to dig in order to create some shelter. The soil of the earth can be very balancing. Giving warmth when it’s cold outside while also cooling your dog off during hot summer temperatures.
  • Escaping the yard: If most of the holes your finding are along the fence line then this could point to the fact that your Bloodhound is trying to make a jailbreak. With Bloodhounds wandering noses this can be especially dangerous as they often don’t pay attention to their surroundings when following a scent trail. This could lead them to getting hit by a car or something else equally as bad.
  • Bloodhounds will sometimes dig when their pregnant: Pregnant dogs often will dig. By doing this their simply following their ancient instincts. Digging is a part of building a nest for the dog’s expected puppies. Holes help protect the pups from the elements as well as predators that might want to eat them.

How Do You Get Your Bloodhound to Stop Digging Holes?

The main key to getting your Bloodhound to stop their digging is to know why their digging in the first place. Ths takes a bit of observation. Generally, you can figure out the reason why your dog digs by looking at where in the yard they’re doing it. Once you’ve figured out why your Bloodhound is digging then here are a few tips to get them to stop.

  • See if your yard has an infestation of small rodents: Bloodhounds are natural hunting dogs. So this can be a common reason for their digging. Look to see if your dog is digging a lot around trees and shrubs. These are popular places for rodents to establish their nests. Call a professional to have them humanely removed. Avoid trying to use poison your self as the chance of accidentally poisoning your Bloodhound is high
  • Entertain and give attention to your Bloodhound: A bored or ignored dog often gives into destructive tendencies. Anything to distract from the boredom. Lets face it for an energetic dog a yard can actually be a boring place. Decorate your yard with toys and bones to help keep your Bloodhound happy. Also try to play with them more, and make sure that your setting time aside in your busy schedule to hang out with them.
  • Take them on daily walks: Dogs need lots of exercise especially Bloodhounds. It’s a good habit to walk your dog for at least thirty minutes a day. It can be easy to think that just because your canine has a yard that you don’t need to walk them. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. A yard is no replacement for the exercise and mental stimulation that a quick jaunt around the neighborhood can provide. While doing this may not completely stop digging it will definitely cut the quantity down significantly.
  • Make sure that your Bloodhound isn’t pregnant: As mentioned earlier pregnant dogs can sometimes be prone to digging. So if your having a digging problem with your female Bloodhound consider taking them for a check up with your favorite vet.
  • Create a special digging area: let’s face it some Bloodhounds will simply be incorrigible at least where digging is concerned. In these kinds of situations if you can’t beat them then join them. The way you do that is by choosing where their allowed to dig. You can make it yourself by covering it with soft dirt or sand. Using a child’s sandbox can be a good option as well. Bury some of their favorite toys and bones in order to encourage them to dig there and only there.

How to Figure Out Why Your Bloodhound Likes to Dig

The first step is to try to watch your Bloodhound when their digging. What we’re wanting to do here is to figure out why their digging based upon where their digging and what kind of holes are being dug.

  • Holes near trees and shrubbs: A Bloodhound digging near these areas is usually a sign that their trying to get to a rodents nest of some kind, since this is where these creatures usually like to settle.
  • Your Bloodhound likes to lay down in their holes: In this situation keep in mind the state of weather in your area. When a dog lays down in their own holes it usually a sign that their either too cold or hot. The soil tends to balance out the temperature. Makng a hole a good place to cool off during summer while also being a warm spot during the winter.
  • The holes are dug haphazardly around the yard: In this situation your Bloodhound is probably digging because their bored. When the dug holes are randomly placed then this boredom and likely excess energy is the cause.
  • Holes along the fence line of the yard: In this case their trying to escape the yard. The holes that their digging are their attempts to get under the fence line.
  • Pregnant dogs like to dig near thick brush: Any holes found near thick brush could be rodents but it could also be your female Bloodhound trying to build a nest. The combination of thick brush and the hole will provide future puppies with protection from both the elements and possible predators.

Final Words

While having a Bloodhound that enjoys digging can be very frustrating at times. It’s important to be patient and understanding with them. Keep in mind that negative punishments will not be very effective with this behavior. Dogs have short memories and by the time you’ve found the hole that they dug they will already have forgotten what they did.

The most effective way to stop your Bloodhounds digging is to figure out what kind of digging that they’re doing and why. Armed with this knowledge then you can try to solve the problem. It could involve calling in pest control in the case of rodents, or simply playing with your dog more if the cause is boredom.

Bringing your Bloodhound inside is also a great option if nothing else is working well. In fact, that might in the end be the main reason that their digging. To get your attention and have you spend more time with them.

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