Why Do Akita Dig?

Why Do Akita Dig?

Akitas are great dogs, their loyal, brave, and totally dedicated to their family but why do Akitas dig? I mean we love our Akitas but when we have a dog that likes to dig holes then our lives and yards can become a lot more complicated. We wanted to have an awesome dog but nobody told us that they were an earth mover as well. If your Akita has a digging problem then don’t be too worried, however. With a few of the helpful tips from this article hopefully working together we can solve your dog’s digging problem.

An Akita dog will dig for many reasons. The most common one is that their bored and have too much energy. A bored hyper Akita will be bad news for your yard. But sometimes they dig for other reasons too. These could be as myriad as chasing rodents, seeking shelter from the elements, or even preparing a nest for future puppies.

Whatever the reasons for your Akitas digging, ultimately it ends up with one outcome, a ruined yard. Knowing the why of their digging is immensely important though. After all your dog isn’t digging because they hate you, no usually it’s for a more canine reason. By knowing why they dig we have taken the first step to correcting the behavior.

As listed above the reasons for your dog’s digging can be numerous. Generally, I like to divide it into five primary reasons. These are the following:

  • Their bored and overflowing with excess energy.
  • Your yard is infested with rodents and your Akitas trying to get rid of them for you.
  • It’s way too hot outside and your dogs trying to dig down into the cooler soil.
  • You have a pregnant female and their instinctively building a burrow for their future pups.
  • They want to tunnel under the fence to see what’s on the other side.

You could say that Akitas dig holes because they’re trying to find something that’s lacking in their life. Like shelter, entertainment, or adventure. By knowing what kind of digging they’re engaging in and why then we know what we need to fix to make them happy. Here are a few of the recommended solutions to help cut down on your dogs digging:

  • Take them for daily 30 minute walks.
  • Take them to the dog park.
  • Call pest control and have the varmints removed from your property.
  • Give them a designated digging area where it’s okay for them to dig.

If you haven’t gotten the full solution to your problem yet then just be patient for theirs a lot more to come. We will go into detail on how to figure out why your dog digs and then we’ll go deep into the solution.

One thing you should never do though is to punish your dog for digging. By the time your fussing at for having dug that hole I promise you they’ve already forgotten about the thing. So when you punish them from their perspective it’s like your punishing them for no reason. A far more effective solution is to figure out why their digging, remove the cause, and then redirect their energy to a more acceptable less destructive activity.

Akitas Like to Dig Holes Because Their Bored

Yards can be very boring places, especially for a lonely Akita. I mean if their an only dog then their nobody to play with. All there are is grass and trees. The only available activities are pretty much chasing your tail, bark, and dig. Considering how long the average family leaves their dog alone outside is it really any mystery why were struggling with aberrant digging behavior.

Bored digging is probably the chief reason that an Akita would dig. To solve this form of digging may take some lifestyles changing on the part of you the owner. Daily walks of around 30 minutes need to become a consistent habit in your usual routine. These walks will not only allow your Akita to spend more time with you making them happier and more well adjusted. But it will also tire them out and help to burn off some of that excess energy in their system.

Another good way of helping with this is to take your Akita out to the dog park from time to time. This will give your dog the much-needed socialization that any dog requires particularly Akitas. But with all that mental stimulation from new people, dogs and smells then digging might become a rather boring activity to engage in.

You should also probably sprinkle some fun toys and chew bones out in the yard so it’s not quite as barren of fun things to do. After all, that new squeaky toy chicken that you bought for just a couple of dollars might distract your Akita enough that they don’t dig that new hole they were planning.

Akitas Like to Dig When Their Hunting Small Animals

Akitas are keen hunters. They originated in japan in fact as bear hunters. While you might not see them hunting bears in the modern era sometimes they replace them with what you could call smaller bears. In nice suburban yard rodents and other burrowing varmints could be your Akita’s modern bears that they are fiercely on the trail of.

In this case, it can be quite ironic cause your Akita may see them digging holes as being a noble activity. After all their taking on invaders of their homeland.

The way to tell if your Akita is digging because of varmints is to just take a good look at where the holes are. If your finding a lot of holes particularly near trees and other forms of shrubbery then this points strongly to your dog hunting varmints. Often the creatures will dig little tunnels and underground burrow near foliage.

If you find this is the case then you may want to call pest control. Make sure that they know that you have a dog so they shouldn’t use anything that might put them into danger.

Hot Weather Could Cause Hole Digging

Have you ever noticed how the soil in a hole you dug perhaps while working in the garden is cooler on a hot summer day? Well if you haven’t noticed I can promise you that your Akita has. If its hot outside and your Akita is lacking in well-shaded areas. Then they may take the problem into their own paws and dig down to get to where its cooler.

The opposite can also apply in the case of cold weather. A hole in the ground can make an excellent shelter from an icy wind. But with the Akitas thick furry coat, they’re much more likely to be digging as protection from heat. That is unless you live somewhere where it’s extremely cold.

To solve this kind of digging you need to make sure that your Akita has plenty of water and shaded areas to rest their head. Depending upon the topography of your yard you might need to build something for them. Refer to this article on Akitas living outdoorsOpens in a new tab. for more detailed information.

Your Akita Could Be Digging Holes in Order to Escape

A yard can be a very small restrictive zone to a brave explore like the Akita dog. It’s not that they don’t like you. They just want to venture forth to new horizons like the yard of that cute dog right next door. To do this they must pass through the great barrier otherwise know as your fence. Passing over is hard but with a bit of tenacity tunneling under is much easier.

So how do you know if your dog is trying to escape their yard? Well, it’s quite elementary. Are the holes near the fence? If so then you can probably bet money on the fact that they’re trying to get away.

To solve this little problem will take a bit more elbow grease than the other forms of hole digging. Youll have to have your fence posts go deeper into the ground. then when your dog sees that tunneling out a lost cause they will hopefully give up and choose to engage in another activity. wistfully one hopes it’s an activity that doesn’t make your life harder. But that could be wishful thinking.

Female Dogs May Dig If Their Pregnant

Mother nature provides instincts to all of us in order to help our survival. There is nowhere where this is more apparent than in the instincts of a mother dog. If you find that the location of the holes seem to be near thick brambly shrubbery. With the addition that you have an unspayed female Akita. Then I have good news or bad news depending. Your dog may be pregnant.

When pregnant future mother dogs often like to build a protective nest for their future children. Digging a hole allows the young Akita pups to have protection from the wind as well as hiding them from erstwhile predators.

So if your dog usually doesn’t dig holes but has just begun you might want to take them to a vet just to see if you can rule pregnancy out as the source of the new found behavior.

If All Else Fails…

If you find that your dog just seems to enjoy digging so much and you just can’t take it away from them then there is an alternative to stopping their digging. You can condone off a space of the yard as your Akitas own personal hole digging zone.

Just choose a part of the yard that you are willing to sacrifice and then cover it with thick loose soil or sand. If you want an easier fix might just be to get your beloved canine a sand box to play in the yard with. Then take a bunch of toys and different treats and burry in the official digging zone.

By making this spot the ideal place to dig it helps ensure that any Akita would choose that as the place to dig and hopefully not your petunias. To put some icing on top make sure you praise your dog when they dig in the designated area. this should help to really drive the point across.

Final Words

Digging can be a very frustrating behavior to have to deal with. But now armed with this knowledge and a few helpful tips hopefully you have everything you need to help reduce your Akita’s hole digging.

If nothing works then you can always go ahead and bring your dog inside to live their days happily laying on top of your feet as you read by the fire. At the end that might be what’s best for both you and your dog. But only you can know what’s best for you. So I hope that this will help in some way in your future dog adventures.

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