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A hamsters cage is like his castle, Wide and spacious with lots of small steps for climbing and toys at every turn. The hamster lucky enough to have an owner who cares enough to provide such a living space could indeed be considered as to live like royalty. Unfortunately if this is not the case and the cage is too small, bare of joyful toys with sharp edges and dangerious pitfalls. Then it could like a dungeon to a hamster, and such a fellow might live a very boring and sad life.

Which one of these types of living spaces your hamster makes his or hers home in is up to you their owner and guardian. We Know of course that you love your hamster and you want them to have the best home and life possible. In this article we are going to get into every corner and burrow of how to make your that your hamsters cage is their own palace of wonder and joy. Where the magical wheel of hamster happiness never stops turning, perhaps litterally (hamster do indeed love their wheels!).

How Big should the cage be?

When your thinking about the size of the cage where your hamsters home will be, spaciousness is a key word to think on. The exact size your cage will need to be will be partly determined by what kind of hamster you have. The large and mighty( as hamsters go) Syrian or golden hamster is going to need a cage that has at the very least 800 square inches of good solid floor space and a height of at least 17.5 inches, though using the palace analogy if possible to you should go bigger. While the smaller dwarf breeds of hamsters are going to need at least 450 square inches of floor space and a cage height of at least 7 inches.

Of course if you want to go bigger that would be a discision your hamster would thank you for. Also make sure that the bottom of the cage has enough space for 1-3 inches of bedding for your little guy to snuggle and burrow into.

Should i go with a wire or solid plastic cage?

One of the currently most popular type of hamster cage, are ones with a solid plastic bottom and wire cage bars. These can be good in the sense that they can be easy for your hamster to climb, though you need to try to make sure that there wont be any large severe falls. The importance of this is especially magnified in the case of little hamster babies as they can be injured severely if they happen to fall too far. Another thing to make sure of for the hamsters safety, is that the cage bars are too narrow for a hamster to escape. Hamsters running loose in their house can get into all kinds of trouble and very easily get injured badly.

Whatever cage you get make sure that you do not get one that is purely wire, such as a wire cage that does not have a solid bottom but instead a wire bottom. In such cages a hamsters feet and legs can get stuck in the wire bottom. This would lead to a very bad injury for your little one, which nobody wants.

A solid plastic moulded cage can also be a good cage for a hamster. These provide the very best in protection from other pets that may be in the house. They should have little wire holes to provide could ventilation so that your hamster can breath well. Cleaning is made much easier with a solid plastic moulded cage versus a wire one, this can make your life much easier well also helping to make sure that your hamsters home stays a sanitary one. One thing that solid plastic cages lack on their own are good ways for your hamster to climb and explore their surroundings vertically in addition to horizontally. You can however remedy this easily by simple putting a good wire climbing frame inside the cage.

Dont get your hamster a modular cage system

A modular cage system consists of a bunch of usually brightly colored tubes that can be easily connected and disconnected. While these can provide a fun addition to good sturdy plastic or wire cage, they are not however a replacement for a solid home. Hamsters love to run around and explore, going constantly up and down tubes just is not the same as having a good larger space to run around in. Not to mention it can be all too easy for your hamster to get stuck in one of the tubes, or hide in them which can be very difficult for them to come out.

Do your hamster a good favor as well as yourself and stick to getting them an appriatly sized plastic or wire cage.

Hamster cage reviews.

or if its too small and unsafe it could turn into his dungeon

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