Can I feed meat to my hamster?

Meat can be an excellent source of protein for a hamsters diet. Due to their omnivouros nature hamsters can eat meat as well as fruit and vegetables. In the wild their meat often comes through the eating of various insects such as mealworms and crickets as well as many others.

Kinds of meat you can feed your hamster.

If you have the courage and dont mind handling squirmy bugs, you can actually feed your hamster some mealworms and crickets. These can sometimes be gotten at the pet store alive or dead. You probably want to stick with the dead ones as your hamster may have a tough time catching any live ones and may even be unsure if its food. Other good meat sources for hamsters can include canned dog food as well as chicken and beef.

The chicken and beef should be unsalted and unseasoned, as well as cooked. No peppers or spices for your little hammy. While tasty for a human they are just way to much for little creatures like hamsters. Also do not feed them any fried meat or any store lunchmeats. It is simply too salty for them.

Pork however should definately be avoided. While some people have reported that pork is kay fr their hamster many others are of the opinion that it should be avoided. I would say better safe than sorry and you should feed your pet some other type of food for a special treat.

Hamster food test.

Give your little guy a tiny piece of the meat you want to try out, then chill and observe for about a week. If you observe any negative reactions like vomiting or diarhea then that probably is a food thats not okay for your hamster. If there are no negative reactions then you can try feeding it to your hamster again. Any uneaten food should be removed for their cage to avoid rotting.

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