Hamster chews

Hamsters dont just love chewing on things, it is actually a vital neccisity for them. Unlike human teeth which grow to a certain point and then stop. Hamster teeth keep on growing throughout their lives. By chewing they help to grind their teeth down to keep their growth from becoming to be too much for their little mouths.

So by providing your hamster with safe non toxic chew toys it assists their oral health as well as being a good boredom killer. A bored hamster is more likely to engage in unhealthy behavior such as chewing on their cages or trying to escape.

Factors to consider in hamster chew toys

Providing your hamster with multiple high quality chew toys is best. Just like any creature including humans, hamsters crave variety. Without it apathy and depression can set in. So your going to want to get your ball of furr several different kinds of chew toys that have different flavors, so that they never get tired of them.

You must be careful however that you dont give them anything that is toxic for them, or plastic that can break into sharp edges. Most chew toys are going to need to be natural products that its okay if your hamster happens to eat a bit.

Some of the best chew toys on the market.

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