What are the different breeds of hamsters?

roborovski hamster

These are a type of dwarf hamster that is sometimes called robo hamsters for short, These little guys come in at a tiny 2 inches long on average, making them the smallest of all domesticated hamsters. They are one of the more social breeds of hamsters though you must always be extremely careful when keeping hamsters togetather as it can be a bad idea.

These guys can sometimes be kept togather if they have been raised togather but at any sign of fighting it is important that you then seperate them for their safety. They are very fast and agile so becareful because they can be quick to escape if your not careful.

They are the longest living hamster at 3 t 3.5 years of average age.

The Syrian or Golden Hamster

These fellows are the largest of pet hamsters

They must absolutely kept alone by themeselves, some of the dwarf breeds in certain situations can have cage mates but this is not at all true of the might Syrian. They are extremely agressive towards other hamsters

They are also sometimes know as teddy bear hamsters, when they have long coats. Syrian hamsters can be short haired or long haired. when they have long hair they are often called teddy bear hamster

Interessting tidbit, when they were first be popularized in the 1940s they were billed as small pet bears.

Not all golden hamsters have gold coats. some can have black, white, grey or brown coats.

dwarf campbell russian hamster

Russia is you guessed the original home of these little guys and where they get part of their name from. They get campbell from the name of the person who first caught them in the wild.

They are rather a bit smaller than the large golden hamster but still come in bigger than the tiney robo ham. There average lenght is about 4 inches

Like the robo they are more social and can be kept with another russian dwarf as long as they grew up togather as litter mates

They live for about 2 years or so.

They can nip when there startled, and are fairly excitibale so you probably shouldnt handle them as much as you could a Golden hamster

They are very nocturnal and are very rarely active during the day.

Be careful when choosing a habitat for them because due to their small size they can easily slip through cage bars that are too wide and escape.

Dwarf winter white russian hamsters

These little fellows are also know as djungarian hamsters after their original home in mongolia, also sometimes called siberian hamsters after their other home and due to their white appearance.

Campbell dwarf hamsters and winter whites are extremely similiar coming from largely the same regions. they are however different enough to be considered seperate species. The campbells are generally sleeker with a appearance closer to that of a mouse, while the winter whites have a much heavier big boned build. Sometimes even experts can have difficulty telling them apart however.

These little fellows are almost as small as the robo, coming in at an average size f 3 inches. Because of this a glass or plastic enclosure such as an aquarium would be more ideal than a cage as they can slip through the bars very easily.

This is a very active breed of hamster and a wheel as well as climbing implements should be considered a must.

can be allergic for some people

These are also one of the more cuddly and easier to handle breed of hamsters.

there average life span is about 2 years or so.

The Chinese Hamster

These fellows are middle of pack as far as size is concerned, being about 4 inches long or so.

like the robo they are extremely fast and prone to dart in any direction, as well as being a bit nippy so not a good hamster for lots of handling.

they are very active and can bore easily so lots of different toys and activities are recommended for their cage.

Like the golden they need to be housed alone as they are very agressive towards other hamsters.

Their appearance is quite mouse like.

They can live as long as 3 years.

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